Teams saddle up for competition at Mossvale Equestrian Centre

The winning team, Lucky We're Here.
The winning team, Lucky We're Here.

This weekend saw Round 2 of the Botanica Adult League take place at Mossvale Equestrian Centre.

Five teams took part, with ‘Lucky We’re Here ‘ taking the top spot on the day.

The second team, Happy Hackers.

The second team, Happy Hackers.

Many thanks to sponsor Sean Cooney of Botanica for his very generous sponsorship and for coming along on Saturday to present the prizes.

The 3rd and Final round will be on Saturday 2nd of April at 3pm Clear round from 2pm.

Bailey’s Junior League round 2 is on Saturday 12th March 2pm Clear round 3pm.

Competiton, Huntchase Saturday 19th March, Easter Funday Saturday 26th March at 1.30-4pm. Open to all, hunting for eggs, Disco, face painting fun and games. £5 per child includes snacks.

Individual winner Melissa McBurney on Darragh's Bounty.

Individual winner Melissa McBurney on Darragh's Bounty.

Showjumping on every Thursday evening for Horse and ponies 7.30pm and Pony Jumping every Friday at 7.30pm, with cups and trophies on the 25th March.

Competitors must jump two out of the four Friday evenings to qualify for the final.

Checkout Facebook ‘Mossvale Riding Club’ for up and coming events.


Second Individual, Eugene Milligan.

Second Individual, Eugene Milligan.

Thursday 3rd March

60cms No result


Abby Cummiskey - Blackjack

Individual winner Melissa McBurney on Darragh's Bounty.

Individual winner Melissa McBurney on Darragh's Bounty.

Zara Smyth - Tootsie

Emma Lutton -Nano

Helen Perry - Star.


Emma Lutton - Nano

Helen Scott - Goodness

Zak Hanna -Dan

Abby Cummiskey -Blackjack.

90cms No Result

Friday 4th March


Oisin Knox- Puzzle

Lara Jamison - Pippen

Jessica Gibson -Minty (Drew Trophy).


Kaitlyn Kearns-Joe (Won Trophy).


Kaitlyn Kearns -Puzzle

Lara Jamison -Pippen (Drew Trophy).


Lewis Orr -Lynch(Drew Trophy)

Laura McClelland - Taz.


Hanna Orr -Humbug

Ruby Kinkaid - Pepsi

Catherine McClelland - Starlight

James Hynds - Ginger (Drew Trophy).


Catherine McClelland -Starlight.

Botanica Adult League


1st Lucky We’re Here

Beverly Smith -PT

Sonia Walker- Robbie

Jason Hanna - Trigger

Melissa McBurney- Darraghs Bounty.

2nd ‘Happy Hackers’

Tommy Price - Leo

Una Megoran -Misty

Rebecca McMullan -Star

Sophie Price-Molly.

3rd ‘Ninja Warriors’

Chelsie Orr - Cash

Julie Kinkaid -Paddy

Kathleen Clarke- Holly

Rebecca Chambers - Boomerrang.

4th ‘Greer’s Coal Play

Hayley Johnston - Maisey Rain

Susan Hunter- Maisey Rain

Hayley Johnston - Heidi

Susan Hunter- Heidi.

5th ‘The Mavericks’

Joanne Martin - Lucy Lou

Sabrina McAnulty - Chocolate Chip

Eugene Milligan- Tiny

John Jo McCrickard -Bridge River Rock.

Individual result for

Botanica Adult League

1st Melissa McBurney -Darraghs Bounty

2nd Eugene Milligan -Tiny

3rd Una Megoran -Misty

4th Joanne Martin-Lucy-Lou

5th Rebecca Chambers -Boomerang

6th Jason Hanna -Trigger.