Sweeps, Winter League results and mental mastery

SWEEP RESULTS - SATURDAY JANUARY 28 - The course was frozen early on and playing conditions were far from easy.

But, somehow or other, Jim Russell managed to score 24 points over the nine holes. That was quite sensational.

It was a rewarding day for Damian Weir He won the low section and he was one of only four players to record a 2. The other three were Cameron Morton, Stuart Hunter and Alan McVey.

SECTION 0-11: 1st, Damian Weir (4) 22 points; 2nd, Rory Madeley (4) 22; 3rd, Alan McVey 95) 21.

SECTION 12-17: 1st, Tommy Gillespie (12) 22; 2nd, P.J. Johnston (14) 22; 3rd, Alex Clarke (13) 21.

SECTION 18+: 1st, Jim Russell (20) 24; 2nd, P.B. McAleenan (19) 22; 3rd, Kieran McGreevey (21) 22.

SUNDAY JANUARY 29 - Merton McDowell’s winning streak continues unabated. This was his third sweep win this year. And, incidentally, his winning score of nett 28 was the best Sunday Sweep score of the year so far.

And Michael McGreevey also went away happy as he had the only two of the competition.

1st, Merton McDowell (22) Nett 28.

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 2 - Sam Wilkinson has made a tremendous start to the 2012 golfing year. This win in the Thursday Sweep was his third success to date. Sam, who is a great supporter of the weekly sweeps, had only one win in 2011. The way he’s going, he could very well win the title of ‘king of the sweeps’.

William Malcolmson won a lucrative twos rollover. I cannot divulge the amount he won but, suffice to say, it was the largest pot of the year so far.

1st, Sam Wilkinson (24) 22; 2nd, Tom Wilson (23) 22.

JONATHAN KERR LIFTS TEAM 17 INTO THE LEAD IN THE WINTER LEAGUE. - THE first round of the Fourball Winter League has been completed. Remember, it’s the top four teams, after six rounds, who will go into the shoot-out for the top prizes.

Team 17 are in the lead after week one. They have got to thank Jonathan Kerr who shot the top score of the round, a marvellous 27 points. Aidan Nicolletti added 22 points and newcomer, Larry Condon, contributed 19 points. Their three best cards added up to 68 points.

Team 18 are in second place with 65 points. Billy Clarke and Robert Clydesdale both scored 22 points and Brian Knox scored 21 points. This was very consistent play from three good golfers.

Team 1, one of the more fancied teams, are in third place with 63 points. Malcolm Hanna was their top scorer with 23 points. Trevor Mulholland added 22 points and Gareth McGregor finished with 18 points.

Team 7 (Colin McKinney, Philip Mallon, Dennis Watt, John Bell), team 9 (Kieran, Sean and Colm McGreevey plus Eamon McAnarney) and team 13 (Stephen Orr, Tom Nelson, Ronnie Halliday, Darren Barker) are in joint fourth place, each with 62 points.

There are six teams sitting on 60 points after round one and they will all fancy their chances.

My guess would be that a 60 points average over the six rounds would be sufficient to make the top four.

It’s going to get exciting, that’s for sure.

MENTAL MASTERY SEMINAR AT THE GOLF CLUB - DID you notice the poster in the Pro shop or on the clubhouse noticeboard highlighting a talk with a difference?

It’s by a Sport Psychologist, by the name of Mark Elliott, who is going to tell us how to overcome our Mental Monsters.

The mental side of golf and other sports is very important. You all know that. You can take your game to a different level by improving your mental toughness.

Mark Elliott will show us how to do it. Have a word with Jason if you want to book a place at the talk. You can bring along friends from other sports if you wish.

The date is Monday March 12 and the time is 7.30pm.