Sweep results and fourball team news from Banbridge Golf Club

Damian Weir, winner of the low section in the Saturday sweep.
Damian Weir, winner of the low section in the Saturday sweep.

SATURDAY JANUARY 21 - Merton McDowell has got his season off to a brilliant start.

There has been three Saturday Sweeps so far and Merton has won the high section twice.

Damian Weir and Kenny Arlow are both delighted to get a win under their belts.

SECTION 0-11: 1st, Damian Weir (4) 30 points; 2nd, Hugo Downey (8) 29; 3rd, Kerry McCluskey (10) 28.

SECTION 12-17: 1st, Kenny Arlow (12) 31; 2nd, Mervyn Waddell (12) 30; 3rd, Dennis Watt (15) 28.

SECTION 18+: 1st, Merton McDowell (22) 33; 2nd, Albert Morison (19) 28; 3rd, Gerry Blevins (19) 28.

SUNDAY JANUARY 22 - Last year there were 34 different winners of the Sunday Sweep. Could that number be beaten this season? It looks very probable because, after four weeks, Colm McGreevey has become the fourth different winner.

1st, Colm McGreevey (22) Nett 29; 2nd, Dominic McArdle (19) Nett 29.5; 3rd, Malcolm Hanna (13) Nett 30.5.

THURSDAY JANUARY 26 - Declan Barry is an excellent golfer, we all know that. So it comes as no surprise that he was able to play the nine holes of this particular sweep in one under par gross and take the first and only prize.

1st, Declan Barry (9) 25 points.

18 TEAMS WILL CONTEST THE FOURBALL WINTER LEAGUE. - THE Fourball Winter League is all ready to go.

There are 18 teams taking part and they appear to be very evenly matched.

The three best scores each week will give the team’s total. The top four teams, after six weeks, will play off in week 7 for the top prizes.

It sounds like a lot of fun. Let’s hope that the weather is kind. The teams are listed below. See if you can pick the winner.

Any team, which can get each member out to play each week, will have a good chance.

My selections for the top four would be teams 1, 11, 14 and 18. But keep an eye on team 3. I know their players very well and they definitely have potential.

Team 1: Malcolm Hanna, Trevor Mulholland, Alan McGregor, Gareth McGregor.

Team 2: Conor Mulholland, Josh Lockhart, Mark McCoy, Stephan Greenberg.

Team 3: Sydney Pepper, Tom Fee, Brian Mulholland, Alan Dale.

Team 4: Jonathan Kerr, Laurence Condon, Neil Diamond, Aidan Nicolletti.

Team 5: John McDowell, Laurence Bramall, Cathal O’Neill, Kevin Smyth.

Team 6: Bertie Shaw, John Parkes, Brian Parkes, Gerry Blevins.

Team 7 Colin McKinney, Philip Mallon, John Bell, Dennis Watt.

Team 8: Cameron Morton, Nigel Bryson, Paul McCullough, Mark McCullough.

Team 9: Kieran McGreevey, Eamon McAnerney, Colm McGreevey, Sean McGreevey.

Team 10: Trevor Woods, Luke Woods, William Malcolmson, Matthew Mallon.

Team 11: P.J. Johnston, Eugene Weir, Declan Barry, Seamus Rooney.

Team 12: Dougie Stevenson, Joe E. Hamilton, John Cowan, Patrick McAleenan.

Team 13: Stephen Orr, Tom Nelson, Ronnie Halliday, Darren Barker.

Team 14: Albert Morrison, Clifford Thompson, Verdun Bond, Paul Cochrane.

Team 15: William McCandless, Philip Strong, Tom Wilson, John Redpath.

Team 16: Peter Hillen, John Poots, Bobby Geddis, Felix Duffy.

Team 17: Billy Clarke, John Doran, Robert Clydesdale, Brian Knox.

Team 18: Mel Hylands, Neville Kerr, John Crothers, Colin Kennedy.

Let the battle commence.