Surprise surprise, it’s another win for Wilko at the West Down Wheelers

West Down Wheelers' Andrew Hodgen Aliaster McCourt Clive Adamson and Matthew McKinistry after last weeks 10 on Rathfriland Road.
West Down Wheelers' Andrew Hodgen Aliaster McCourt Clive Adamson and Matthew McKinistry after last weeks 10 on Rathfriland Road.
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It has been another busy week for the riders of West Down Wheelers.

Last Tuesday night, four members recorded PBs on the tough Rathfriland road course.

The winner once again was the man on form Paul Wilkinson. He had another superb 22 minute ride on this course which was a brillant time but he could go faster as second rider on the night and just back from a seven week lay-off Darren Lynass could spur him on.

Darren, who is a really likeable guy, had a super 23 minute ride. When he gets his TT bike, what will he do then? There’s going to be some battle in the remaining races between those front two.

Once again, Big John Clyde recorded a super time. His 23 was a PB for him. John is another rider well thought of in the club and a good addition to the Wheelers this year.

Mark Alexander was next with, a 24 a very good effort indeed. He has been very consistent this year but he will be one to watch in the first of the Road Races this week as he has a tremendous sprint.

Next rider on the night, John Kernaghan also had a 24 and it too was a PB but John’s strongest event is the Road Races and he will be worth watching as he could give Mark a good run for it.

Will and Clive both had 25s but both very capable of 24s and should be in there soon. Matt McKinstry also recorded a 25 and he too had a PB. Surely he will get into the 24s soon.

Another rider with PB was Andy Hodgen. Andy’s time was 26 but he was pleased. He’s now hoping to get into the 25s.

Once again, two riders who deserve a mention are Dorothy Cantly and Geoff Tate, who never miss so a big well done to them. Next week’s race is an Australian Pursuit starting on the Rathfriland Road.

Last Friday night, five riders from WDW traveled to Annaghmore to take part in the Hugo Loughran Road Race. Paul, Clive, Matt, John, and Andy road well, in the action throughout the races.

Paul once again rode hard in the A3s. Although he didn’t make the points, he’s hoping to get up into the A2s as soon as possible and that would be good company for Darren.

In the A4s, the four West Down Wheelers rode well, never afraid to go to the front with John and Clive doing their fair bit work, which left them with not a whole lot for the sprint finish.

Matt and Andy were the Wheelers sprinters and although they didn’t get in points this time, they showed enough to say it’s not going to be long.

Clive says the guys are lacking a wee bit of experience. It all boils down to craft and when they get it, they will get the points.

1 Paul Wilkinson 22 49

2 Darren Lynas 23 15

3 John Clyde 23 42

4 Mark Alexander 24 26

5 John kernaghan 24 59

6 Matthew McKinistry 25 07

7 will Maxwell 25 10

8 Clive Adamson 25 24

9 Andrew Hodgen 26 38

10 Geoffrey Tate 28 43

11 Dorothy Cantley 30 33


Rodney Stewart 22 42

David McKnight 23 08

Junior McAuley 24 27

Kerri Patton 27 32

Adele McCann 30 02