Some more of the week’s sweep results from the Huntly Road

Some more of the previous week’s sweep results at the Banbridge course:


The juvenile sweeps are now in full swing and will continue every Wednesday during the summer holidays.

Luke Crory and Joshua Reain won the top prizes on this particular Wednesday.

WHITE BLOCKS: 1st, Luke Crory (15) 41 points; 2nd, Callum Barnes (11) 40; 3rd, Gary McConville (16) 40.

YELLOW BLOCKS: 1st, Joshua Reain (26) 49 points; 2nd, Conor McCullough (22) 46; 3rd, Ruairi O’Neill (19) 44.


Gary McConville is obviously a talented young golfer.

Fresh from a third place finish in the juvenile sweep, Gary goes out and wins the Thursday Open Stableford.

1st, Gary McConville (15) 43; 2nd, Ashton Clydesdale (25) 42; 3rd, Luke Crory (14) 42; 4th, Mark McCullough (15) 41.


This was a wonderful win for Paul Mark on the glorious Twelfth. Thirty-eight points is an amazing score over 14 holes.

1st, Paul Mark (19) 38; 2nd, Morris Phillips (18) 37.


Ashton Clydesdale becomes the first player this year to win the Sunday Sweep three times.

Four players managed to do that last year but none of them managed to get to four.

Can Ashton do it this year? Time will tell.

1st Ashton Clydesdale (25) Nett 29.5; 2nd, Cathal McAnarney (20) Nett 32; 3rd, Dominic McArdle (22) Nett 32.

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