Sherwin Curran wins the John Ervine Memorial Cup

Kieran Berryman looks set to win Golf of the Year title at Roe Park.
Kieran Berryman looks set to win Golf of the Year title at Roe Park.

The 63rd John Ervine Memorial Golf Outing was staged at Hollywood Lakes Golf Club and Roganstown Golf Club last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

As usual, David McCabe had everything organised to perfection.

The weather was glorious and everyone set out on day one at Hollywwod Lakes with high hopes.

Kenny Arlow won the low section with a superb score of 38 points.

Sherwin Curran was second in this section with 34 points and Wallace Henry was third with 31 points.

Roy Rankin won the high section with 32 points.

Norman Doak was second with 30 points and Albert Morrison was third with 27 points.

The winner of the John Ervine Cup is the player with the best aggregate score over the three days.

Kenny Arlow had a 4 shot lead after round one and he increased that lead to 7 points when he won the low section on day two at Roganstown.

Kenny scored 34 points. With 3 points deducted, he still won with 31.

Jim Cochrane was second with 29 points.

Sherwin Curran was third with 29 points (31-2).

John Poots won the high section with 30 points, followed by Seamus McGrath 29 and P.B. McAleenan 25.

Day three at Roganstown dawned warm and sunny.

Everyone expected Kenny Arlow to coast to victory.

But golf is a crazy game at times and strange things happen.

Verdun Bond won the low section with 31 points.

Sherwin Curran was runner-up with 29 points (32-3). John Redpath was third with 28 points.

Norman Doak won the high section with a tremendous score of 38 points.

John Poots was second with 27 points (30-3).

P.B. McAleenan was third with 26 (27-1).

What about Kenny Arlow? He dropped a lot of shots in the course of his round but was still 2 shots ahead of Sherwin Curran playing the last hole. Then disaster struck.

Kenny watched in horror as his second shot sailed out of bounds.

He took 7 at the hole, totalled 25 points and finished level with Sherwin with a 3-card total of 97 points.

Sherwin couldn’t believe it. He had won the John Ervine Cup by virtue of a better third round.

Sherwin has tried to win this tournament for many, many years and he was very emotional about it all.

It was a bitter blow for Kenny Arlow but his turn will surely come.

The overall winners in the low section were Sherwin Curran 97, Kenny Arlow 97 and Verdun Bond 87.

The overall winners in the high section were Norman Doak 87, John Poots 85 and Seamus McGrath 81.

It was a wonderful three days, brilliant weather, beautiful courses, keen competition and plenty of craic.

What more could you want?

Everyone wants to thank Davy McCabe for organising the outing so meticulously.