Results from around the rinks

BALLYDOUGAN surprised A.S.Tullylish by taking two points.

Ballydougan 28-42 AS Tullylish

Rink 1: M.Milligan,H.Masey,S.Whyte,N.Whyte 7-6 A.Burrell,L.McCracken,A.Cannaway,J.Wilson

Rink 2: C.Halliday,M.Leckey,L.Milligan,R.Cassells 6-15 R.Bolton,G.McCracken,J.Grey,D.J.Wilson

Rink 3: G.Wilson,G.Forsythe,M.Cassells,D.Malcolmson 6-14 J.Black,S.Black,T.Grey,E.Campbell

Rink 4: E.Wilson,N.Johnston,M.Milligan,C.Feoran 9-7 M.McAdam,D.Graham,D.Bowman,R.Martin

The Leisure Bowlers had a tough game at home against St.Patrick’s

Leisure Bowlers 30-56 St.Patrick’s

Rink 1: B.Elliott,C.Whitten,Car Whitten,L.McCreanor 5-11 J.McClatchey,W.McCullough,K.Purnell

Rink 2: B.Upton,A.Mooney,F.Cairns,W.Walker 9-16 R.Johnston,J.Topping,B.Serplus,D.Carson

Rink 3: N.Cochrane,F.Martin,J.Noddings,W.Cochrane 13-6 A.Gilliand,P.Hayes,D.Gilliland,G.Gilliland

Rink 4: J.Neill,A.McMullan,J.Barr,H.Barr 3-23 R.Faulkner,L.Purnell,I.cousins,T.Martin

Ballyvarley found the going tough against St.Joseph’s

Ballyvarley 21-39 St.Joseph’s

Rink 1: L.Byrne,D.Lennon,P.J.Johnston,S.Byrne 7-11 A.O’Loughlin,J.Morris,P.Linden,S.Murphy

Rink 2: R.McGivern,S.Lennon,C.McDermott,K.O’Neill 6-7 C.Magennis,K.Magennis,H.Dillon,L.Magennis

Rink 3: M.Burns,A.Donald,J.McAvoy,M.McGrath 6-10 J.Magennis,R.Sterritt,P.Rooney,B.Murphy

Rink 4: V.Stewart,A.Lennon,G.McGarry,G.McGivern 2-11 C.Rooney,C.Savage,R.Magennis,C.Dillon

Holm Park had a comfortable win against Down Shoes

Holm Park 52-18 Down Shoes

Rink 1: A.Sudlow,K.Aiken,T.Wilson,J.McKenny 15-3 S.McFadden,E.Neill,P.Henderson,S.Lively

Rink 2: A.McGarrity,S.Smith,T.Smith,S.G.Malcolmson 12-6 B.Tumilty,K.Tumilty,Mark.Campbell

Rink 3: C.Ogle,L.Aiken,D.McCandless,C.Sherwin 14-6 S.Devlin,D.Rea,J.McVeigh,M.Ward

Rink 4: T.Ogle,G.McDowell,M.Dawson,G.Dawson 11-3 Ann.Murphy,Marg.Campbell,R.Greer

Annaclone ran Magherally very close

Annaclone 34-40 Magherally

Rink 1: H.McAvoy,V.Mullholland,M.McAvoy,J.McConville 12-2 A.Anderson,N.Craig,H.Steenson,D.McAuley

Rink 2: A.Pyres,P.J.McClorey,P.Pyres,M.Wallace 5-14 I.Montgomery,G.Beggs,S.Scott,J.Martin

Rink 3: J.McNeill,D.Mcardle,P.McKernan,N.Kerr 11-6 M.Adair,I.McBride,K.Smith,L.Martin

Rink 4: A.McAvoy,M.O’Neill B.Mullholland,J.Higgins 6-18 J.Kirk,W.Steenson,A.Ingram,K.McBride

Scarva.St came out on top against Gilford R.B.L

Scarva.St 54-24 Gilford R.B.L

Rink 1: M.McCarrison,S.Livingston,H.Shannon,B.Livingston 15-5 N.Wisener,T.McGivern,S.O’Hare,E.McCoo

Rink 2: E.Gibson,T.Cowan,D.Nelson,W.Kinnin 17-3 A.Wisener,P.Moore,B.Wisener,C.Broome

Rink 3: R.Gourley,A.Stevenson,M.Nelson,J.Dickson 6-10 J.Murtagh,E.Murtagh,A.Wisener,S.Dunn

Rink 4: H.Shepherd,F.Hillen,M.Ewart,D.Watt 16-6 J.Broome,M.Quaill,G.McCoo,A.Magennis

- The following players have been chosen to play for the West Down Zone against Northern Zone on Saturday October 27 in Dromore Cathedral Hall. The game will start at 2.00 p.m and players are requested to report to the Zone convenor at 1.30 p.m. If unable to play contact him as soon as possible.

L.Graham, L.Murray.(Dromore N.S) S.McBride, K.McBride (Annaclone Pres) P.Moore, G.Chambers (St.Colman’s); R.Scott, D.Scott, D.Shanks (Garvaghy Pres) C.Dillon (St.Joseph’s) D.Gilliland, A.Johnston, A.R.Johnston (St.Patrick’s) R.Kidd (Scarva Pres) D.Graham, D.Bowman, E.Campbell, T.Gray, J.Wilson, J.Gray, DJ Wilson (A.S.Tullylish); J.Martin (Magherally) C.Sherwin (Holm Park) D.Malcolmson (Ballydougan)

Subs: A.Ingram,I.McBride (Annaclone Pres) S.Murphy,L.Magennis (St.Joseph’s) G.Gilliland St.Patrick’s) S.Scott (Garvaghy)

NATIONAL, LADIES and JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS SCHEDULE: Club sectretaries are reminded that entries for the above championships close on October 27.

Many of our bowlers are looking foward to playing at the new venue at Gilford Community Centre and it is hoped that as many clubs as possible will contribute to an anticipated large entry.Clubs are also reminded that the zone subscriptions and per capita fees should be with the zone treasurer by 31st October,w hile IIba fees are due by November 1 in order to avoid the penalty charge.

Mon 26th Nov - National Triples, Ladies Singles; Tues 27th Nov - National Pairs, Ladies Triples; Wed 28th Nov - National Singles; Thur 29th Nov - National Fours, Ladies Pairs; Fri 30th Nov - Play-offs, Junior singles; Finals: Friday 18th January 2013 in Dromore Cathedral Hall

The players wish the following West Down bowlers all the best in the Champion of Champions this Saturday in a new venue at Shaws Bridge Stadium Belfast.

West Down shall be represented by the following players,D.J.Wilson (A.S.Tullylish) and Ann Harvey (Scarva.Pres) in the singles. L.Murray and L.Graham (Dromore N,S) are playing in the pairs.S.Black (A.S.Tullylish) is skipping a rink in the triples and E.Campbell (A.S.Tullylish) a rink in the fours.