Prizewinners in the 
Darren Weir Memorial

The list of prizewinners in the Saturday competitions has been extended.

After the winner and the runner-up, there will be three sections with two prizes in each. Then we have the best gross and best senior. That makes ten prizes in all.

This was introduced in the Darren Weir Memorial on Saturday June 15.

Here is the full list of prizewinners:

Winner: Kenny Whan (17) Nett 60; runner-up: Richard Coburn (18) Nett 61; low section (0-12): 1st- Callum McCandless (6) Nett 65, 2nd, Alan McVey (7) Nett 65. Middle Section (13-17): 1st, William McCandless (15) nett 65; 2nd, Cathal McNiff (14) Nett 66.

High Section (18+): 1st, Joe Thompson (18) Nett 65; 2nd, Kieran McGreevey (22) Nett 68. Best Gross: Damian Weir (5) 71. Best Senior: Kenny arlow (14) Nett 66.

- The Banbridge Sam Rutherford Cup team are in a commanding position after the first leg of their second round match against Edenmore.

This was played at home and team captain, Shane McCrory, was looking for a lead in double figures.

Neil Comiskey and Garreth Moody won 4 up.

Hugo Downey and Tom Mulholland won 4 up.

Ryan Simpson and Malcolm Russell won 4 up.

Neville Kerr and Mark McCoy won 2 up.

That was a pretty impressive team performance.

Banbridge are 14 holes up going into the second leg away at Edenmore this coming Friday. It should be enough but you never can tell.

We wish them good luck.