President’s Prize under way with first round matches

This is John Parkes’ third and final year as President of Banbridge.

His President’s Day on Saturday 6 September will be a nostalgic occasion.

The highlight of that day will be the final of the fourball championship, traditionally known as the President’s Prize.

The first round results so far are:

Adam McGregor and Malcolm Hanna beat James Wilson and Richard Coburn 1 up.

Barry Casey and Carson Clegg beat Trevor Mulholland and Gareth McGregor 6 and 4.

Dean Nicoletti and Gary Williamson beat Sean McGreevey and Eamon McAnarney at the 21st.

Roy Sipson and Neil Comiskey beat Stanley Dickson and Keith Hannath.

Wallace Henry and Joe Whiteside beat Stephen Downey and Robert Haire 5 and 4.

Roy Rankin and Ivan Rushe beat Callum Barnes and Richard Lyttle 2 and 1.

John Poots and John McCormac beat Neville Kerr and Colin Kennedy 1 up.

Seamus McGrath and Verdun Bond beat Morris Phillips and Nigel Bryson 5 and 4.

Paul and Mark McCullough beat Kenny Jones and Fergie Cosgrove.

Harry and Jonathan Shannon beat Neil Madeley and Kenny Whan 1 up.

Tom Mulholland and Terry Malcolmson beat Dennis Watt and Colin McKinney.

Danny O’Boyle and Paul Faulkner beat William Malcolmson and Mark McCoy 6 and 4.

Rory Madeley and Mark Carson beat Dennis Lockhart and James Bryson 2 and 1.

Eugene Weir and Conor Campbell beat Tom Fee and Sydney Pepper 3 and 2.

Dominic and Andrew Quinn beat Dermot Dawson and John Lennon 1 up.

Garreth Moody and Aaron Buchanan beat Robert Clydesdale and John Doran 3 and 1.

Paul Magee and Damian Weir beat Kieran Meade and Cathal O’Neill 4 and 2.

Kevin McKay and Brian Grimes beat Brendan Berry and Andrew Briggs 1 up.

Shane Rooney and tom Gillespie beat Cathal McAnarney and Kieran McGreevey 3 and 1.

Merton McDowell and Kenny Baines beat Seamus Rooney and Declan Barry 4 and 3.