Porsche drive further into lead in ladies league

The driver was used well at Roe Park.
The driver was used well at Roe Park.
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Week 5 of the Autumn League for the ladies saw the Porsche (team 7) increase their lead even further.

Meanwhile, the poor Maserati team 6 have failed to recover from their trouncing in week 2 and are looking likely to pick up the wooden spoons for being bottom of the league.

With only two weeks left the battle seems to be on for second and third place with many of the other teams still in contention.


Team 1 Aston Martin, 11 points Total 45; Team 2 Bentley, 3 points Total 37; Team 3 Bugatti, 6 points Total 39; Team 4 Ferrari, 10 points Total 36; Team 5 Lamborghini, 11 points Total 39; Team 6 Maserati; 5 points Total 25; Team 7 Porsche, 12 points Total 59; Team 8 Rolls Royce, 4 points Total 38.

Section winners:

A Mary Longmore 18 points; B Yvonne Galloway 19 points; C Angela Magee (junior) 21 points; Angela will now be cut by 2 shots.