Paul places first in penultimate race but Joe claims the Lutton Cup

Paul Anderson, the winner of the penultimate race of the season on handicap.
Paul Anderson, the winner of the penultimate race of the season on handicap.

Last Wednesday Paul Anderson raced his way to first place on handicap in the penultimate time trial to be held this year by Banbridge Cycling Club but it was Joe Penny who took the Lutton Cup.

The event was held on the Rathfriland Road out of the town and the 10-mile event started at the A1 flyover with the halfway and turnaround point on the Rathfriland side of Annaclone.

Good weather blessed the evening with almost no wind and clear skies.

Fastest on the night, TVR rider Rodney Stewart finished with a very respectable 23minutes and 28 seconds. Winner Paul finished in 29 minutes and 55 seconds.

The two visitors were John McAuley, Apollo C.T. and Rodney Stewart, TVR.


(In brackets, starting position)

1 (20) Rodney Stewart 23m 28s

2 (19) Kevin Wilson 23m 31s

3 (18) John McAuley 24m 18s

4 (22) Joe Penny 24m 36s

5 (21) Kevin McAlinden 24m 47s

6 (12) Dan Purdy 24m 50s

7 (15) Andy Beattie 24m 53s

8 (08) Phil Beattie 25m 16s

9 (14) Ian Cochrane 25m 19s

10 (17) Chris Burns 25m 25s

11 (06) John Buller 25m 43s

12 (16) Nathen Sturrock 25m 53s

13 (13) Ewan Anderson 26m 22s

14 (10) David Lavery 26m 38s

15 (04) Brian Curran 27m 07s

16 (07) Freda Brown 27m 10s

17 (09) Marty Fitzpatrick 28m 37s

18 (03) Gerard Byrne 29m 27s

19 (02) Paul Anderson 29m 35s

20 (11) Charlie Glover 30m 51s

21 (05) Mark Buller 31m 06s

22 (01) Ann Baxter 31m 53s

First three riders on handicap were -

= 1 Paul Anderson - 1m 55s

= 1 John Buller - 1m 55s

3 Ian Cochrane - 1m 36s

Lutton Cup

This was the final race in the series for the Lutton Cup.

The overall winner is Joe Penny, who gets a deserved reward for a great year’s racing.

The first three riders over the two events on handicap were -

1. Joe Penny =1st & 6th. Total handicap time of -3m 14s

2. Andy Beattie =1st & 10th. Total handicap time of -2m 51s

3. Paul Anderson 10th & = 1st. Total handicap time of -2m 42s