Norman nicks top prize with a stunning round

Norman Robb, who already has two wins this season.
Norman Robb, who already has two wins this season.

Everyone was delighted last Saturday to see a good day for golf, none moreso than Norman Robb.

There was no snow, no rain and no wind. Spring had arrived! Hip, Hip, Hurrah!

To add to the excitement, this 14 holes sweep was played “over the hill” for the first time this year. It was all good.

And the scoring was phenomenal.

Norman Robb, a better than average 20-handicapper, went round in only five over par for a winning score of 39 points. This was Norman’s second win this year.

Jim Cochrane was level par for his round and he won the low section.

Jonathan Ward was three under par to win the best gross.

When you see Jonathan Burns out playing, it’s a sure sign that the real golf season is about to start. Jonathan doesn’t play golf during the winter. But, come the middle of March, he picks up his clubs, goes out and plays 14 holes in three under par. How does he do it?

Winner: Norman Robb (20) 39 pts

Low Section (0-12)

1st- Jim Cochrane (12) 37 pts

2nd- Jonathan Burns (5) 35 pts

Middle Section (13-18)

1st- Gary Hazley (13) 36 pts

2nd- Ivan Rushe (14) 35 pts

High Section (19+)

1st- Joe McConville (21) 38 pts

2nd- Merton McDowell (21) 36 pts

Best Gross: Jonathan Ward (5) 31 gross pts

Best Senior: Dennis Watt (17) 33 pts


Joe Glass is bound to be happy with his golf game with the start of the season proper just around the corner.

Joe won his section in the Saturday Sweep preceding this competition. He then went out in this 13 holes sweep and took the top place.

1st- Joe Glass (13) 31 pts

2nd- Colin McDonald (16) 30 pts

3rd- John Poots (17) 30 pts


Kieran McGreevey won this nine holes sweep in fine style.

His four over par round resulted in a winning score of nett 28, which is the best score for the Sunday Sweep so far this year. He also becomes the first player this year to win the Sunday Sweep twice.

The twos pot was shared between Eugene Weir and Ian Craven.

1st- Kieran McGreevey (24) Nett 28

2nd- Cecil Wilson (13) Nett 30.5

3rd- Colin Smylie (19) Nett 30.5