Noel’s team gearing up for a victory sherry

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The Winter League, sponsored by Banbridge Hire Company, has reached the halfway point.

Team Five, captained by Noel McSherry, took over the lead after round two and then doubled their lead after round three.

They now have a four point lead over Sean McGreevey’e Team Seven. It’s a good lead but far from decisive.


Noel’s Team Four scored a massive 255 points for their eight best cards. That is the best team score so far.

Johnny McKinstrey stole the show with 43 points and Robert Canning 38, Sherwin Curran 32, Colin McKinney 31, Colin Kennedy 29 and Ian Craven 29 followed him.

Philip Strong’s team two jumped up from fifth place to joint second, thanks to an excellent team score of 241 points.

Danny O’Boyle was their top scorer with 35 points. Kenny Baines had 34, Matthew Savage 33, Niall Parfitt 32 and Brian Mulholland 29.

Team Six, captained by Gerry Blevins, moved up one place to joint second with a team score of 238 points.

Joe Glass, no surprise there, was their best player with 35 points. Kenny Arlow had 32, Norman Robb 31, Malcolm Russell 30 and Colin McDonald 29.


Team Five retained their lead with the week’s top team score of 250 points.

Colin Kennedy was top player this time with 36 points. Jonathan McKinstrey had 33, Ian Craven 32, Paddy Malcolmson 32, Graham Shannon 31, Sherwin Curran 30 and Noel McSherry 29.

Team Seven regained second place, thanks to a team score of 248 points.

Seamus McNally was in top form with 36 points. Sydney Pepper and Mel Hamill both had 34 points. Team captain, Sean McGreevey, had 31 and Alan McVey had 30.

Top marks to Philip Strong’s Team Two who had a score of 247, with all eight counting scores in the 30s.

John Poots, Cathal McAnarney and Matthew Savage all had 32 points. Neil Clydesdale had 31. Brian Mulholland, Kenny Baines, Danny O’Boyle and Bertie Shaw all had 30 points.

There are three rounds to go and it’s still all to play for.