No surprises but close calls in President’s Cup

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Round one of the President’s cup took place last week and whilst there were no surprises their were some very close games.

Ballydougan 37

Holm Park 38

Ballydougan pushed Holm Park all the way.

Rink: 1 M.Milligan, N.Johnston, Robert Cassells, N.Whyte 5 v T.Sudlow, T.Wilson, SG Malcolmson, C Sherwin 14 Rink: 2 C Halliday, S.Whyte, R Boness, M Milligan 6 v T Ogle, N Shaw, M Dawson, G Dawson 12

Rink: 3 E Wilson, M Leckey, T Devlin, D Malcolmson 14 v A McGarrity, G McDowell, S Malcolmson, T Smith 8 Rink: 4 G Wilson, H Massey, R Kennedy, C Fearon 12 v C Ogle, L Aiken, K Aiken, J McKenny 4

St.Joseph’s 57

Gilford RBL 19

St Joseph’s moved easily into the next round.

Rink: 1 A O’Loughlin, C Savage, R Magennis, B Murphy 16 v E Murtagh, S O’Hare, T Adamson 4

Rink: 2 J Morris, O Magennis, H Dillon, L Magennis 15 v E McClean, J Broome, J Murtagh, S Dunn 4

Rink: 3 B McVeigh, R Sterritt, C Rooney, C Dillon 17 v M Quail, T McGivern, C Broome, M Hood 3

Rink: 4 J Magennis, P Rooney, P Linden, S Murphy 9 v A Magennis, L Kidd, P Moore, A Magennis 8

Pavilion 29

AS Tullylish 46

Pavilion found the going tough against A.S.Tullylish.

Rink: 1 T McDowell, D Preston, C Wilson, P McClatchey 4 v N McAuley, L McCracken, D Graham, E Campbell 14

Rink: 2 D Sedgwick, M Ward, D Moles, J Major 5 v A Burrell, V Leckey, A Cannaway, J Wilson 16

Rink: 3 J Donnelly, G McConnell, K Stewart 15 v R Bolton, C Leckey, M Hylands, J Gray 8

Rink: 4 E Whyte, D Ford, V Newall, J Hamilton 5 v J Black, T Gray, S Black, D Bowman 8

Ballyvarley 23

St.Patrick’s 52

Ballyvarley had St.Patrick’s as visitors.

Rink: 1 V Stewart, S Lennon, A Donald, M McGrath 7 v J Topping, I Dickson, W McCullough, A Johnston 11

Rink: 2 J Stewart, J McAvoy, PJ Johnston, S McGivern 3 v I Hamilton, L Purnell, I Cousins, T Martin 18

Rink: 3 J Lennon, D.Lennon,C.McDermott,G.McGrath 6 v R.Johnston,J.McClatchey,D.Gilliland,D.Carson 12

Rink: 4 M Burns, G McAvoy, G O’Neill, K O’Neill 7 v D. Carson, P Hayes, K Purnell, G Gilliland 11

Leisure Bowlers 35

Scarva St. 40

The Leisure Bowlers just lost out to Scarva St.

Rink: 1 G McAleenan, R Maine, F Cairns, W Walker 8 v R Gourley, M Ewart, K Stevenson, D Watt 9

Rink: 2 P Jones, F Martin, N Cochrane, W Cochrane 5 v M McCarrison, E Gibson, D Nelson, W Kinnin 16

Rink: 3 T McCaughey, A Mooney, J Scott, L McCreanor 11 v M Nelson, A Stevenson, E Dickson, J Dickson 5

Rink: 4 J Neill, A McMullan, J Barr, H Barr 11 v S Livingston, H Shepherd, H Shannon, B Livingston 10

Annaclone 25

St Colman’s_ 42

Home advantage wasn’t enough for Annaclone.

Rink: 1 A Pyres, M.O’Neill, B.Mullholland, J Higgins 0 v H Funes, E Byrne, G Crothers, G Chambers 14

Rink: 2 D McArdle, PJ McClorey, P Pyres, M Wallace 6 v C Owens, J Owens, C Wilson, P Convery 11

Rink: 3 H McAvoy, J McNeill, M McAvoy, J McConville 5 v F O’Dowd, L McAvoy, M Wilson, P Tumilty 13

Rink: 4 V Mullholland, M Haughey, P McKernan, W Kerr 14 v D Funnell, C Whitten, N Quinn, B Wilson 4

Down Shoes 25

St.John’s 43

St.John’s had a comfortable win against Down Shoes.

Rink: 1 S McFadden, S Campbell, P Henderson, M Bunting 9 v O Breen, C Gray, F Polin, A Polin 10

Rink: 2 E Neill, G Burns, S Lively, J O’Hare 5 v J Cunningham, B Fitzpatrick, M McInernay, N.Garvey 9

Rink: 3 D Rea, A Murphy, J.McVeigh, Marg Campbell 8 v N Kinnin, B Conlon, N Conlon, N Hamilton 11

Rink: 4 J Bunting, K Tumilty, M Ward, K Sands 3 v A Magee, S Garvey, K O’Neill. A Magee 13