New holes set to open

Banbridge Golf Club have redesigned four holes, which will soon be open as the season approaches.

However, it’s not summer yet and the weather has wreaked havoc at Banbridge again, the Sunday and Monday Sweeps were cancelled but the Saturday and Thursday ones went ahead.

Everyone is looking forward to the Masters and the start of the golfing season proper. Banbridge are preparing with the final few winter sweeps.

The recent sweeps were played over 13 holes.


James Wilson has been a member of Banbridge Golf Club for little over a year but the young man from Donaghcloney is beginning to make his mark. He finished in first place in this sweep, leaving a lot of very experienced players in his wake. You are going to hear a lot more from James before this season is over.

1st- James Wilson (23) 34 pts

2nd- Keith Hannath (16) 34 pts

3rd- Colin McKinney (17) 33 pts

4th- Colin Kennedy (12) 33 pts

5th- Joe Glass (14) 32 pts


Joe Glass won the Thursday Sweep for the second week in succession. Last week he edged out Sam Wilkinson and this week he beat Harry Burnside. Is there nobody capable of beating Joe on a Thursday? As Bradley Walsh on The Chase would say, “If you think you are good enough, why don’t you come along?”

And Joe just didn’t win the competition; he also scooped a rollover 2’s pot.

1st- Joe Glass (14) 31 points.

2nd- Harry Burnside (21) 30 points.