New boy Gareth shoots record score

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 10 - After this 14 holes sweep, everyone was asking, “Who is this Gareth Moody?”

He is a new member who previously played at Portadown Golf Club. This was his first competitive outing at Banbridge and what a start he has made!

Gareth set a new record score for the 14 holes course of 43 points. Playing off an 18 handicap, Gareth was three under par gross playing the final hole. He hit the green but would you believe it, he four putted.

Still, it was an unbelievable round of golf. And he added to his prize haul with two twos. It was a day to remember for Gareth, that’s for sure.

Incidentally, Colin Wilton had also two twos but he was a mere 10 points behind Gareth.

1st, Gareth Moody (18) 43 points; 2nd, Kevin Smyth (12) 37; 3rd, Colin Wilton (5) 33.

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 12 - The weather was very pleasant for this 14 holes sweep, which was a pleasant change.

The top score came from Trevor Savage, a marvellous 38 points. This is the best high section score for the Saturday Sweep this year.

Joe Glass won the middle section for the second time this year. He has also won the Thursday Sweep on one occasion. Joe could very well be the top sweep player this season. He has certainly got off to an impressive start.

SECTION 0–9: 1st, Hugo Downey (7) 32 points.

SECTION 10–17: 1st, Joe Glass (14) 36; 2nd, John Convery (16) 35.

SECTION 18+: 1st, Trevor Savage (27) 38 points; 2nd, Merton McDowell (21) 37 points.

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 13 - Colm McGreevey played the nine holes of the Sunday Sweep in only four over par gross. That’s powerful golf for a 21 handicapper. If he can carry this form into the summer season, the handicap will come tumbling down.

Alan Dale and John McDowell split the 2’s pot between themselves. It put the smile back on Alan’s face as he played so well on Saturday and got nothing.

1st, Colm McGreevey (21) Nett 29.5; 2nd, Ken Jones (12) Nett 30; 3rd, Paul Wylie (12) Nett 31.

MONDAY FEBRUARY 14 - This was a well-earned win for Albert Morrison. He is a great supporter of the weekly sweeps and he has had his fair share of success.

Albert had recorded two second places this year before this victory. He is certainly one to watch out for this season.

One of Albert’s playing partners, Colin McKinney, also went home a happy man. That was because he scooped the entire 2’s pot with the only deuce of the day. His reward was significant.

1st, Albert Morrison (20) 34 points; 2nd, Michael Allison (9) 32.