Magherally’s good form continues

ST Joseph’s and Magherally had a very close game - St.Joseph’s 34-35 Magherally

Rink 1: C.Savage, R.Sterritt, H.Dillon, L.Magennis 10-4 I.Montgomery, N.Craig, P.Martin, J.Martin; Rink 2: J.Magennis, J.Morris, C.Rooney, C.Dillon 9-10 G.Beggs, H.Martin, I.McBride, S.McBride; Rink 3: A.O’Loughlin, P.Rooney, P.Linden, S.Murphy 8-12 W.Steenson, E.Robb, K.Smith, L.Martin; Rink 4: K.Magennis, F.Watters, Ron.Magennis, B.Murphy 7-9 A.Anderson, A.Ingram, H.Steenson, D.McAuley.

Ballyvarley took the bonus points against the Leisure Bowlers: Leisure Bowlers 26-47 Ballyvarley

Rink 1: J.Maxwell, N.Cochrane, H.Maxwall, W.Cochrane 9-7 L.Byrne, D.Lennon, J.McAvoy, S.Byrne; Rink 2: L.Heaney, P.Jones, W.Walker, S.Kidd 9-9 V.Stewart, P.J.Johnston, C.McDermott, M.McGrath; Rink 3: A.McCreanor, J.Finney, T.Ledlie, L.McCreanor 3-16 M.Burns, A.Donald, G.McGarry, S.McGivern; Rink 4: J.Patterson, A.McMullan, J.Barr, H.Barr 5-15 R.McGivern, G.O’Neill, G.McGrath, K.O’Neill.

Scarva.St gave St.Patrick’s a fright: St.Patrick’s 40-32 Scarva.St

Rink 1: J.McClatchey, K.Purnell, A.Johnston, A.R.Johnston 19-2 F.Hillen, M.Ewart, K.Stevenson, D.Watt; Rink 2: R.Faulkner, L.Purnell, I.Cousins, T.Martin 10-7 E.Dickson, M.Nelson, N.Craig, J.Dickson; Rink 3: P.Hayes, B.Serplus, D.Carson, G.Gilliland 8-7 A.Campbell, S.Livingston, H.Shannon, B.Livingston; Rink 4: A.Gilliland, W.McCullough, D.Gilliland, J.Gilliland 3-16 E.Gibson, A.Stevenson, D.Nelson, W.Kinnin.

Only one point for Holm Park against St.Colman’s: Holm Park 27-39 St.Colman’s

Rink 1: C.Ogle, M.Ward, L.Aiken, C.Sherwin 6-8 F.O’Dowd, B.Moore, N.Quinn, A.Magee; Rink 2: G.McDowell, S.Smith, T.Smith, S.G.Malcolmson 6-13 D.Funnell, L.McAvoy, P.Tumilty, G.Crothers; Rink 3: A.Copeland, T.Sudlow, T.Wilson, D.McCandless 7-11 E.Byrne, T.McCartan, C.Wilson, P.Convery; Rink 4: A.Sudlow, S.Malcolmson, K.Aiken, J.McKenny 8-7 C.Owens, J.Owens, B.Wilson, P.Moore.

Gilford had a good home win: Gilford R.B.L 45-28 Annaclone

Rink 1: L.McBurney, A.McBurney, B.Strain, A.Magennis 18-2 H.McAvoy, M.O’Neill, B.Mullholland, J.Higgins; Rink 2: J.Broome, A.Weisener, B.Wisener, C.Broome 11-5 A.McAvoy, A.Pyres, T.McGivern, W.Kerr; Rink 3: E.McClean, N.Wisener, E.Murtagh, S.Dunn 7-10 V.Mullholland, M.Haughey, M.McAvoy, J.McConville; Rink 4: T.McGivern, P.Moore, S.O’Hare, T.Adamson 9-11 J.McNeill, D.McArdle, P.Pyres, M.Wallace.

- The West Down Zone championships will take place in Gilford Community Centre from Monday March 11. Entries close on February 22. The Friendship Cups will be played in Dromore Bowling Pavilion on Friday February 22. Entries close on February 15. Please note change of dates for Zone Championships. The league programme for the week commencing March 11 will now be played week commencing February 25.

SCHEDULE FOR ZONE CHAMPIONSHIPS: Monday March 11 - Triples; Tuesday March 12 - Pairs; Wednesday March 13 - singles; Thursday March 14 - Fours; Friday March 15 - Mixed Pairs; Thursday March 21 - Finals Night

- Andrew Leckey emerged victorious from a huge entry of over 200 competiors in the annual Dromore Cathederal Singles tournament wich concluded on Saturday night. In a rather one sided final, the St.Mark’s bowler defeated Trevor Turkington (Cookstown High) 14-5. At the semi-final stage the winner defeated L.McCartan 9-8 whilst Turkington overcame R.Wallace 9-5. Losing quarter finalsts were T.Lithgo, P.Whittle, J.Beattie and I.Hobson. Other section winners were A.Smyth and M.Beattie.

Tournament organiser George Dawson thanked all who had assisted with running the tournament, whilst Harold Massey congratulated the club on the success of the event. in particular the tournament convenors Marjorie Gamble and Margaret Dawson who kept things running smoothly.

Team Played Points

A.S.Tullylish 13 80

St.Patrick’s 13 72

Magherally 13 64.5

St.Colman’s 13 61.5

Holm Park 13 58

St.Joseph’s 13 56

Scarva.St 13 39

Pavilion 13 39

Ballydougan 13 38.5

Ballyvarley 13 31

Annaclone 13 30.5

Gilford R.B.L 13 25

L.Bowlers 13 22.5

Down Shoes 13 19.5