Locals get off to good start in Senior Cowdy Cup defence

Banbridge are the holders of the Senior Cowdy Cup and, under the captaincy of Kenny Stevenson, they intend to hold onto it.

They started their 2013 campaign last Wednesday with a first round home leg against Spa. Kenny once again had amassed a talented and enthusiastic team.

He gave William Malcolmson and Josh Lockhart their first run-out for the Senior Cowdy team and he was well rewarded.

The two young men played brilliantly on their debuts, as did all of the team.

Here is how the match unfolded.

Colin Wilton (1) lost by two holes against William Blackwood (2) and Spa took all four points.

Rory Madeley (3) lost by one hole against Barry Stevens (3). Rory got one point for winning the first nine 2 up.

Jonathan Ward (4) beat Jordon Graham (3) one up and took all four points.

Kieran Magennis (4) beat Ben Benergi (3) one up and that was another three points for Banbridge.

Then along came the debutants, William Malcolmson and Josh Lockhart. They will both remember their first game for the Senior Cowdy team with fondness.

Josh (5) beat Scott Marshall (5) by 3 and 2 and he got three and a half points.

William (5) beat Greg Marshall 2 and 1 and he too got three and a half points.

Trevor Woods (5) beat Greg Wilson (5) and that was another three and a half points for Banbridge.

Finally, Paul Magennis (5) beat Mark McConnell (5) one hole up and Paul got 3 points.

So the score after the first leg is Banbridge 21.5 and Spa 10.5.

This looks like a very big lead and so it is. But it is not decisive in the Senior Cowdy.

The second leg is at Spa this coming Thursday and Kenny Stevenson knows full well how difficult it may be to get the eleven points needed for victory.

But he has the players well capable of winning.

Everyone at the club wishes them good luck.