Local bowlers crowned the best rink in Ireland

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ON Saturday September 1 three Dunbarton ‘B’ Team players along with good friend and senior player Tony Bell lifted the prestigious IRISH FOURS title in Blackrock Dublin.

The showpiece Irish final was played over two days with the biggest prizes in Irish Bowls were up for grabs.

The Dunbarton fours Private Greens winners, Fergus Larkin, James Kelly, Tony Bell and skip Clifford Dennison were drawn against Barry Kane with Ireland’s new International skip Mervyn McKeeman of Dunluce playing third.

The semi-final was [;ayed on Friday August 31 and the game had a 9.15am start. It saw the Dunbarton rink all settle in well.

The early exchanges saw Dunbarton build a seven shot lead at 10 ends.

The Dunbarton rink quashed rumours as to their ability to perform at this high level, as they built head after head which Barry Kane had no response to.

This Dunbarton rink had bowl after bowl, from all four players, on correct line and weight.

He soon realised that his title chances were up and after only scoring on 5 ends shook hands at 19 ends. This sent the Dunbarton boys into the showpiece final to be played on Saturday. Final score - Dunbarton 20 Dunluce 9.

IRISH FOURS FINAL- Saturday September 1 - The final threw up a clash with NIBA fours champions Matt Reid’s rink and once again the Dunbarton lads got off to a dream start.

Fergus Larkin and James Kelly completely dominated the front end, Tony Bell and club PG specialist Clifford Dennison rolling them in to give themselves a 12 shot lead after six ends.

Credit must be given to the rink skipped by Matt Reid, as the Balmoral four fought hard knowing the Irish Title was slipping away from them as they reduced the deficit to 5 shots by the 14th end.

Again, end 15 was a big one for the Gilford bowlers, with a count of four, after great deliveries from Tony followed by skip Clifford.

The Dunbarton spectators cheered the bowls home, as they knew only a total collapse would see the title slip away.

The next few ends saw Balmoral score only a single shot, however five more shots for the Dunbarton rink over these ends, saw the final score of Dunbarton 24 Balmoral 10.

At 5.23pm Fergus, James, Tony and skip Clifford were crowned best rink 2012 on the Island of Ireland.