Lisnagarvey fail in final bid after a four shot defeat to Divis in Senior Cup


Lisnagarvey failed in their bid to reach the final of the NIBA Senior Cup, but in a nailbiting affair they only went down by four shots to Divis in the semi-final on Wednesday night.

Garvey had not the best of starts and at ten ends they were 11 shots down across the green, but this was reduced to six shots at 15 ends with Keith Morrison lifting 11 shots while dropping one over the five ends.

Down 2-5 at the fifth and 7-12 at the tenth Noel Graham only managed to get a shot while dropping six over the next five ends and lost by seven shots.

At the fifth Ivan Craig was 10-6 ahead and 13-11 at the tenth but Garvey were 15-18 down at 15 ends and lost by seven shots.

Ahead 6-1 at the fifth and 10-5 at the tenth Neil Mulholland was level at 15 ends, 12-12. Garvey were 16-15 ahead with an end to play but dropped two shots.

At the fifth Keith Morrison was 5-7 down and 7-10 at the tenth but Garvey lifted 11 and dropped one shot over the next five ends before proceeding tgo win by 11 shots.

S. Vint, K. Armstrong, J. McCloughlin, N. Graham 13, B. Power 20; C. Aicken, G. Carson, M. Nelson, I. Craig 18, G. McGleave 25; A. McNevison, A. Morrison, D. Boal, N. Mulholland 16, P. McCafferty jnr 17; S. Jess, T. Vint, P. Cromie, K. Morrison 24, R. Cregan 13.

- The Lisnagarvey B v Annalong NIBA Division Four match was washed out at eight ends following a really heavy shower.

Garvey were up on three rinks at the time and the match was due to be resumed last Night (Thursday).