Leisure Bowlers looking like serious contenders

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DIVISION Two: The Leisure Bowlers had an excellent away win at Ballyvarley.

Ballyvarley 27

Leisure Bowlers 45

Rink 1: S.Lennon, P.J. Johnston, J.McAvoy, K.O’Neill 7-9 J.Finney, T.Blackwood, N.Ledlie, S.Kidd

Rink 2: R.McGivern, J.Lennon, G.McGrath, S.Byrne 8-14 F.Martin, B.Elliott, J.Noddings, W.Cochrane.

Rink 3: L.Byrne, A.Donald, G.McGarry, M.McGrath 5-7 J.Neill, A.McMullan, J.Barr, H.Barr.

Rink 4: M.Burns, J.Stewart, C.McDermott, S.McGivern 7-15 L.Heaney, A.Mooney, L.McCreanor, W.Walker.

The Pavilion upset the form book with a good home win against Magherally.

Pavilion 31

Magherally 27

Rink 1: D.Thompson, V.Newall, P.McClatchey, J.Hamilton 10-7 M.Steenson, N.Craig, W.Steenson, D.McAuley.

Rink 2: F.Dolan, J.McCullough, C.Wilson, J.Major 11-3 M.Adair, E.Robb, K.Smith, L.Martin.

Rink 3: C.Gray, D.Preston, K.Stewart, P.Gray 3-10 I.Montgomery, P.Martin, S.Scott, J.Martin.

Rink 4: G.McAleenan, T.McDowell, G.Anderson, D.Moles 7-7 G.Beggs, H.Steenson, I.McBride, S.McBride.

Scarva. St took the bonus points against Down Shoes

Down Shoes 29

Scarva St 49

Rink 1: D.Rea, K.Tumilty, K.McCoy 15-5 J.Clyde, E.Dickson, M.Nelson, J.Dickson

Rink 2: B.Tumilty, S.Devlin, B.McCoy, M.Ward 4-18 E.Gibson, S.Livingston, D.Nelson, W.Kinnin

Rink 3: A.Murphy, P.Henderson, T.McGivern 3-10 H.Shepherd, F.Hillen, M.Ewart, D.Watt.

Rink 4: S.McFadden, D.Johnston, S.Lively, M.Campbell 7-16 E.Smyth, A.Stevenson, B.Livingston, K.Stevenson.

Gilford RBL are hard to beat on their own mats.

Gilford RBL 46

Annaclone 30

Rink 1: E.Murtagh, E.McClean, C.Broome, S.Dunn 7-9 A.Pyres, P.J. McClorey, P.Pyres, M.Wallace.

Rink 2: B.Wisener, A.Wisener, B.Strain, E.McCoo 9-12 A.McAvoy, M.McAvoy, T.McGivern, J.McConville.

Rink 3: A.McBurney, S.O’Hare, L.McBurney, T.Adamson 12-5 V.Mullholland, M.Haughey, D.McArdle, W.Kerr.

Rink 4: M.Quail, J.Broom, G.McCoo, A.Magennis 18-4 H.McAvoy, B.Mullholland, P.McKernan, J.Higgins.

Division One: League leaders Dunbarton had a very close call at St.Patrick’s

St.Patrick’s 24

Dunbarton 27

Rink 1: J.McClatchey, I.Cousins, W.McCullough, A.Johnston 7-9 P.Moore, P.Moffett, P.Whittle, A.Hughes.

Rink 2: And.Johnston, B.Serplus, D.Carson, S.Jess 6-7 F.Polin, N.Wilson, S.McCall, L.McCartan.

Rink 3: A.Daly, K.Purnell, T.Martin, G.Gilliland 4-6 G.Magennis, E.Adamson, R.Kidd, G.Crothers.

Rink 4: L.Purnell, P.Hayes, D.Gilliland, J.Gilliland 7-5 J.Cunningham, R.Gough, A.Polin, S.Trainor.

Dromore NS lost out at home to AS Tullylish.

Dromore NS 37

AS Tullylish 44

Rink 1: S.Gilliland, B.Francis, D.McCandless, E.Marsden 8-13 J.Black, S.Black, T.Gray, D.Bowman.

Rink 2: E.Ervine, M.Ward, D.Peden, P.Reid 14-5 A.Burrell, D.Graham, A.Cannaway, J.Wilson.

Rink 3: R.Harrison, E.Anderson, T.Gribben, R.Greer 8-15 G.McCracken, L.McCracken, R.Martin, E.Campbell.

Rink 4: N.Lindsay, E.Gribben, L.Graham, L.Murray 7-11 R.Bolton, H.Hylands, J.Gray, D.J. Wilson.

St. Joseph’s were to strong for Holm Park.

St. Joseph’s 50

Holm Park 36

Rink 1: B.McVeigh, C.Savage, Rog.Magennis, L.Magennis 6-14 A.Sudlow, S.Malcolmson ,T.Wilson, J.McKenny.

Rink 2: A.O’Loughlin, F.Watters, C.Dillon, F.Murphy 13-15 C.Ogle, L.Aiken, K.Aiken, C.Sherwin.

Rink 3: J.Magennis, C.Rooney, Ron.Magennis, B.Murphy 16-2 A.McGarrity, I.Houston, M.Gamble, G.Dawson.

Rink 4: J.Morris, P.Rooney, P.Linden, S.Murphy 15-5 G.McDowell, S.Smith, T.Smith, S.G.Malcolmson.