Ladies Thirds take the spoils on long away trip

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Banbridge made the long trip to Ballymena with a 4pm start on a freezing wintery Saturday afternoon.

The Ladies started off strong with a solid back line of Rachel Groves, Naomi Haugh, Robyn Calvert, Katie Uprichard and Claire Liggett.

Some great sideline balls were given from Jessica Fawlkner straight into the circle for a deflection to be made by Ashleigh Mitchell.

The keeper was on her toes from the shots made by Ashleigh but she was determined to not give up.

The second half came very slowly as the ladies were cold but this did not stop them from fighting on; especially from the hard work and determination of Sarah Anderson.

Some great saves were made by keeper Louise Beckett as the Ballymena forwards broke through once or twice during the first 10 minutes of the second half.

This made the whole team work harder to get the ball into the Ballymena half.

With great teamwork from Poppy Robinson, Ellie Robinson and Anna Waugh, the ball was passed into the circle and a strong shot made by Ashleigh Mitchell; which was very well deserved.

The score ended 1-0 to Banbridge.

A great performance was given by all of the players from the Banbridge Ladies who gained a very valuable 3 points.

The girls send thanks to JoAnne Lyttle for umpiring.