John Poots leads the way in the sixth round of the MUSA at Killymoon GC

Golf news.
Golf news.

The sixth round of the Mid-Ulster Senior Alliance was played at Killymoon Golf Club last Tuesday.

Team captain Dougie Stevenson had selected a very strong team and they did not disappoint.

In fact, they put together the best round for Banbridge this season so far.

John Poots led the way with 38 points.

Dennis Lockhart and Sydney Pepper were both in fine form, scoring 37 points each.

Seamus McGrath contributed the fourth best card, a fine 36 points.

That gave Banbridge a team total of 148 points, one of the best team totals of the day.

With four rounds still to play, Banbridge have a reasonable chance of a podium finish.

The other four players at Killymoon were Bobby Geddis, Tony Ewbanks, P.J. Johnson and Peter Hillen.

Sweep Results

Sunday 19 July

1st- Roy McAfee (13) Nett 29.5.

2nd- Cathal McAnarney (21) Nett 29.5.

3rd- Philip Strong (22) Nett 32.

Monday 20 July

1st- Paul Wylie (11) 33 points.

2nd- Carson Clegg (16) 31 points.

Wednesday 22 July.

White Blocks: 1st- Thomas McKibben (18) 38 points.

2nd- Josh Crory (6) 38 points.

Yellow Blocks: 1st- Jack Hutchinson (26) 39 points.

2nd- Matthew Burns (23) 39 points.