Impressive win for Mel’s Rossmore Cup team

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The Banbridge Rossmore Cup team, captained by Mel Hylands, have reached the quarterfinals after an impressive win over the St. Patrick’s club in Downpatrick.

They had won the away leg 2.5 – 1.5. They needed to win two more games in the home leg, which was played last Sunday.

Mel kept faith with the team who had played so well in Downpatrick. And they didn’t let him down.

He was particularly pleased with the performance of Colin Kennedy and John Crothers. They won 5 and 3.

The top pairing of Joe Glass and Kenny Arlow didn’t get it all their own way. They had to go to the 18th green to win 1 up.

That was victory assured. The other two pairs were called in.

John McDowell and Cecil Wilson were ahead after 16 holes.

Fergie Cosgrove and John Doran were having a tough game but, as it transpired, it was irrelevant.

This is a strong team that Mel has put together.

They could give us all something to cheer about before the season ends. Let’s hope so.