Holm Park side’s juniors come short in home game against Holywood

Dromore’s junior team failed to pass the test when league leaders Holywood came to town last Tuesday evening being defeated by fourteen shots taking only one point.

Rink 1 - M McDowell, C Davis, K Aiken, S Malcomson:

This rink didn’t start off too badly and were just a shot down at the halfway stage. The next quarter was hotly contested with both teams all square, Holywood took the last quarter to finish three ahead.

Rink 2 - I Houston, T Sudlow, S Harrison, T Wilson.

This rink won the first three ends and by the halfway mark were trailing by four. Picking up a four on the 11th end levelled the game but that was it for the locals as when the three quarter stage was reached Dromore were trailing by seven and at the finish they were 13 in arrears.

Rink 3 - N Lindsay, R Elliott, H Maxwell, R Malcomson

After a slow start this rink took the lead and after seven ends were never behind. They were four ahead at the three quarters stage and five in front at the finish to earn Dromore one point.

Rink 4 - T Ogle, WJ Morgan, SG Malcomson, A Sudlow:

This rink was always fighting an uphill battle from the start. They were five down at the halfway mark, two down at the three quarter stage and finished three down.

- The juniors arrived home from Cork a little disappointed, having just lost by eight shots.

Rink 1 - T Ogle, WJ Morgan, SG Malcomson, A Sudlow.

Dromore were four ahead at 10 ends, five in front at three quarters and were winners by six shots at the 

Rink 2 - N Lindsay, R Elliott, H Maxwell, R Malcomson were six down at 10 ends, but they lost ground at the three quarter stage and finished well beaten by 15.

Rink 3 were four down at the halfway point and were seven at the three-quarter stage to finish down by five.

Rink 4 made a great start and at the halfway stage and were 15 to the good. They were still in good position at the three quarters stage at 14 shots ahead and finished their match, winning by six.

- The officers and members of Dromore Bowling Club would like to extend their sincere sympathy to David Graham on the death of his