Holders to meet 2012 Champions as President’s Prize hots up

President’s Prize defending champions Tommy Gillespie and Shane Rooney are due to face 2012 winners Kevin McKay and Brian Grimes in the pick of the round three matches as the competitions draws towards it’s 6 September climax.

That will be John Parkes’ final President’s Day as his tenure comes to a close and the highlight of the day will be the final of the fourball matchplay championship.

The second round is almost completed. When it is, there will be 16 pairs remaining.

Safely through are the following:

Shane Rooney and Tommy Gillespie who beat Merton McDowell and Kenny Baines 3 and 2 Kevin McKay and Brian Grimes who beat Paul Magee and Damian Weir 2 and 1.

Garreth Moody and Aaron Buchanan who beat Cecil Wilson and Cathal McNiff 2 and 1.

Dominic and Andrew Quinn who beat Victor McNeill and Malcolm Russell 2 and 1.

Gavin Greer and John Gallaher who beat Eugene Weir and Conor Campbell 5 and 4.

Rory Madeley and Mark Carson who beat Colin Wilton and Martin McAleenan.

Tom Mulholland and Terry Malcolmson who beat Danny O’Boyle and Paul Faulkner 3 and 1.

Paul and Mark McCullough who beat Harry and Jonathan Shannon 1 up.

Jamie and David Thompson beat Joe Glass and Joe Thompson 3 and 1.

Hugo Downey and Luke Crory who beat John Poots and John McCormac 2 and 1

Roy Rankin and Ivan Rushe who beat Joe Whiteside and Wallace Henry 1 up.

Roy Sipson and Neil Comiskey who beat Ken Stevenson and Jim Mallon 2 and 1.

Barry Casey and Carson Clegg beat Adam McGregor and Malcolm Hanna at the 20th. Dean Nicolletti and Gary Williamson got a walkover, as did Matthew Mallon and Connor Mulholland.

The champions in 2012, Kevin McKay and Brian Grimes, will play the 2013 champions, Tommy Gillespie and Shane Rooney, in round three. What a match that should be!