Gents win the horseshoe on countback

There was a rather unique golf competition last Friday evening at Banbridge Golf Club.

The Gentlemen played the Ladies for the honour of hanging the Horseshoe over their locker room door. This is one of the oldest competitions in the club and it is played in a friendly but fiercely competitive manner.

The two presidents, Marianne Nelson and John Parkes, picked the two teams with 19 players on each side. It would have been 20-a-side but, when Marianne was unable to play, John sportingly withdrew himself.

The full list of results was as follows:

Mildred Hodgett lost by one hole to Kieran Magennis; Melissa Whan lost 2 and 1 against Paul McAleavey; Marlene Nelson lost by one hole to P.J. Johnson; Liz Ramsey lost 4 and 3 against Sydney Pepper; Helen Cox beat Bill McCandless 2 up; Susan Magennis lost 3 and 2 against Ian Young; Ada Lavery beat Elmer Armstrong 1 up; Eileen Mayne halved with Joe Glass.

Liz Armstrong beat Bert Wilson 3 and 1; Nine games were completed and the Gents led by two (5,5 – 3.5).

Vivianne Faulkner lost by 2 holes against Andy Murphy.

Lorna Poots beat Paul Magennis 3 and 2; Kathleen Smyth beat Bertie Shaw 3 and 2.

Anne Magennis lost by 2 holes against Kieran Mcgreevey; Suzanne Murfitt beat Alan McGowan 2 up.

After 14 games, the Gents had a slender one point lead (7.5 – 6.5).

There were 5 results still to come in and anything was possible.

Mary Dooher lost 2 and 1 against William McCandless; Mary Longmore beat Ian Boyce 1 up.

Denise McBrien beat Noel Mcsherry 2 and 1; The scores were level (8.5 – 8.5) with two games to play.

Robena McCandless lost 3 and 1 against Declan Dooher; Fionulla Crossey beat Gerry McBrien 1 up.

Would you believe it? After 19 games, the scores were level; nine and a half points each.

Would they share the trophy? No! It would be decided on holes up.

The Gentlemen were 20 holes up; the Ladies were 18 holes up. The Gents had won by the narrowest of margins.

It was a very exciting match and it was a shame that someone had to lose.