Gavin holds his nerve to tee up a grand final after a very pleasing 42 points

Last Saturday close to 200 members of Banbridge Golf Club played in the Darren Clarke Charity Competition.

The weather was good, the course was excellent and everyone should have been happy. Not so. The pace of play was ridiculously slow and measures will have to be introduced to counteract this malaise.

Several players reached the magical score of 40 points or better but the only one to score 42 points was up and coming star, Gavin Greer (18).

Gavin’s first nine holes came alight with birdies at the 8th and 9th. That gave him 23 points, a position from which to launch a challenge.

His second nine seemed to have fallen apart with two double bogeys and a ding on the 12th.

He looked to have thrown away his chance but the last four holes, which are the downfall for so many, came to Gavin’s rescue. He played them in one under par gross. That was worth 13 points and it raised his total to a winning 42 points.

This was a brilliant display of golf from Gavin and congratulations to him. He will be invited to a grand final later in the season.

Colin Wilton, winner of the best gross, looked to be on target for a new course record when he stood four under par after five holes. What a dream start. He had to be content with a round of 68 though. The course record can wait for another day.


Winner: Gavin Greer (18) 42 points

Runner-up: Jim Gracey (11) 41 points

(Section 0-12) Winner: Gary McCartney (9) 40 points

Runner-up: Neil Comiskey (11) 40 points

(Section 13-17) Winner: Clifford Thompson (17) 40 points

Runner-up: Brian Boyd (13) 49 points

(Section 18+) Winner: Dominic Quinn (22) 40 points

Runner-up: William Horner (23) 39 points

Best Gross: Colin Wilton (2) 68

Best Senior: Jim Cochrane (11) 39 points