Garreth tops the Golfer of the Year points

THE 2012 golf summer season is slowly but surely coming to an end.

There are five Saturday competitions remaining. The last one is on Saturday 13th October and, on that day, we will know for certain who is the golfer of the year.

After the Ross Thompson competition on the 1st September, Garreth Moody had taken over the number one spot. But can he hold on to it? That’s the big question.

The top twenty on that date were as follows:

Garreth Moody 368 points: Gary McCartney 310, Shannon Drainey 300, Jonathan Brush 275, Adam McGregor 262; Jim Cochrane 242; Patrick Magennis 236; Rory Madeley 232; Paul Simpson 226; Aaron Buchanan 224; Josh Lockhart 217; Philip Mallon 213; Robin Jardine 204; John Convery 200; Jonathan Shannon 192; Matthew Mallon 184; Declan Dooher 184; Andrew Quinn 177; John McCormac 176; Billy Clarke 171.