Game against league leaders abandoned after heavy rain

Bowling for Dunbarton at the weekend.
Bowling for Dunbarton at the weekend.

On the run up to the game against Ewarts, Dunbarton had a crucial home fixture versus the league leader Pickie.

However this game was abandoned after ten ends due to heavy rain causing the green to flood.

More importantly, the Gilford side had opened up a significant lead before the unscheduled interruption.

They currently find themselves 41 shots ahead and with all four rinks in front.

Martin Trainor’s rink are currently 15-3 ahead of Norman Irwin, Andy Hughes’ four are 16-5 in front of Mark Caughey, while Conor McCartan and his side are 19-5 in front of Don Mills.

DJ Wilson’s rink, are 10-6 ahead of skip Neil Belch.

This game is due to resume this Thursday (26th May).

In such a commanding position, the local side will want to see the game out with all four winning rinks and another important victory.