Fog adds to golfers weather woes

SATURDAY JANUARY 22 - The golfers at the Banbridge club have had to deal with some very testing conditions over recent weeks. The snow and the frost made things very difficult and sometimes impossible.

On this particular Saturday, there was a new problem – dense fog! Some players were joking that they were hitting the ball out of sight. That was true, and it didn’t take a big hit to do so.

How some people managed to score 30 points or better, when they couldn’t see where the ball was going, is truly remarkable.

SECTION 0–9: 1st, Stuart Hunter (4) 31.

SECTION 10–17: 1st, Jim Cochrane (12) 32; 2nd, Alan Dale (10) 31.

SECTION 18+: 1st, Jonathan Kerr (19) 27; 2nd, Bertie Shaw (22) 27.

SUNDAY JANUARY 23 - Stephen Orr was the winner of the nine holes Sunday Sweep but the really big winner was Seamus Rooney.

There was a big rollover in the twos competition and Seamus won the lot. He hit his tee shot at the eighth into eight feet and calmly rolled in the putt. He might not hit a more lucrative putt all season.

1st, Stephen Orr (15) Nett 31.5; 2nd, Cathal McNiff (11) Nett 31.5; 3rd, Damian Weir (5) Nett 32.5.

MONDAY JANUARY 24 - It’s always nice to see a new name among the prizewinners. Robert Barnes won in a photo finish with David Cherry.

1st, Robert Barnes (15) 34; 2nd, David Cherry (11) 34.

THURSDAY JANUARY 27 - Here we had certainly one of the most amazing rounds of the year, and it’s only January.

Laurence Bramall, playing off a handicap of 14, played the 14 holes course in two under par gross.

His figures read: 4, 5, 5, 3, 4, 4, 4, 2, 4, 3, 4, 5, 2, 3. That’s 10 pars, three birdies and one bogey. It was a fabulous display of shot making and his playing partner, Trevor Woods, said that Laurence never put a foot wrong.

Laurence finished with 41 stableford points and that equals the all-time record for 14 holes. Paddy Malcolmson also had 41 points for 14 holes in November ’09.

Trevor Woods’ own card was also brilliant. The second half of his round was seven threes. That’s four pars, two birdies and an eagle! What a two ball!

1st, Laurence Bramall (14) 41; 2nd, Trevor Woods (6) 34; 3rd, Bertie Shaw (22) 34.