Fionnuala’s the pick of the Past Captains

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Golf news.

The recent Banbridge Ladies Past Captains got together to play in their annual competition.

18 ladies played and the best on the day was Fionnuala Crossey with a score of 21 points.

0-25 section was won by Liz Armstrong with 19 points

26-36 section was won by Mary Dooher with 18 points

Best Gross Mildred Hodgett who also was the only lady to have a “2”

Tuesday win for Lorna

On Tuesday 9 September the ladies played in the last 18 hole competition of the season which was kindly sponsored by Active Pest Management.

As many as 49 ladies played and the competition scratch score was 70.

The overall winner was Lorna McKinstry with 38 points beating Robena Mc Candless on

High Section Winner was Robena Mc Candless with 38 points

Low Section Winner was Fionnuala Crossey with 35 points

9 Hole winner was Margaret Lennon

There was only one “2” by Patricia O’Boyle on the 15th

Golfer of the year points: Lorna Mc Kinstry 6, Robena Mc Candless 5, Fionnuala Crossey 4, Yvonne Galloway 3, Valerie Malcolmson 2, Nora Craig 1.

Handicap Cuts: Lorna Mc Kinstry 25 to 24, Robena Mc Candless 33 to32.


On Tuesday 16th 47 ladies went out to play the first 14 hole competition hoping to win the Christmas dinner playing for Turkey or Hams .

The overall winner was Sheelagh English with 31 points

Section A Winner Dianna Whan 30 points

Section B Winner Suzanne Murfitt 28 points beating Liz Armstrong and Jane Doyle on countback

Section C Winner Angela Magee sr. 28 points. There was only one “2” and that was by Wendy Todd