Favourites tumble
as the shocks rumble in the President’s Prize

There were a few shocks in the opening round of the President’s Prize. Four seeded pairings were beaten.

Mark Hodgen and Johnny Mckinstrey beat Sherwin Curran and Walter Smyth 3 and 1.

Paul Downey and Callum McCandless beat Brian Mulholland and Alan Dale 6 and 5.

Hugo Downey and Luke Crory beat Harry and Jonathan Shannon 1 up.

Mel Hylands and John Crothers beat Eugene Weir and Conor Campbell 3 and 2.

The remaining results were as follows:

Kevin McKay and Brian Grimes beat Damian and Hugh Dunne 5 and 4.

Kieran McGreevey and Eamon McAnarney beat Merton McDowell and Kenny Baines 1 up.

Tom Fee and Sydney Pepper beat Alan Caughey and Will Dickson 1 up.

Dermot Dawson and Philip McCourt beat Connor Mulholland and William Malcolmson 1 up.

Jonathan Burns and Ross McCandless beat Sean Quinn and Peter Hillen 5 and 3.

Dennis Lockhart and James Bryson beat John Convery and Cecil Wilson 2 and 1.

Tommy Gillespie and Shane Rooney beat Brian Parkes and Gerry Blevins 5 and 4.

Paul and Mark McCullough beat Neil Comiskey and Michael Young at the 20th.

Jeffrey Brown and Seamus McNally beat Cameron Morton and John Redpath.

Rory Madeley and Mark Carson beat Danny O’Boyle and Paul Faulkner 5 and 4.

Robert Clydesdale and John Doran beat Robert Haire and Stephen Downey.

Gary McCormick and Colin McDonald beat Jack Bickerstaff and John Poots 2 and 1.

John Gallagher and Gavin Greer beat Kenny Jones and Fergie Cosgrove.

Joe Glass and Joe Thompson beat Verdun Bond and Seamus McGrath 6 and 5.

Joe E. Hamilton and Alan McGowan beat Malcolm Russell and Victor McNeill 1 up.

Ken Stevenson and Jim Mallon beat Vaughan Lamont and Roy Rankin.