Extra prizes for Malcolm, Philip, Trevor and Dermot

The individual prizewinners from round 5 of the winter league were as follows:

Malcolm Hanna won the low section with 36 points.

Trevor Mulholland was runner-up in the low section with 36 points.

Philip Strong won the high section with 37 points.

Dermot Magee was runner-up in the high section with 37 points.

Well done, one and all!

Team 8 hold onto their lead in the Winter League when they won their fifth match in a row. Despite having 3 no-returns, they beat a lacklustre team 4 by 225 points to 207.

Dermot Magee and Trevor Mulholland scored high for team 8 with 37 and 36 points respectively. Adrian McEvoy had 32, Brian Knox 31, Kieran McGreevey 30 and Mark McCullough 30.

Poor team 4 had only three scores in the 30’s. Victor McNeill had 33, Scott Major 32 and Joe Thompson 30. It’s was just not good enough.

For the third week in a row, Philip Strong’s team 1 had the highest team score. In fact, their 234 points total in round 4 was the best team score returned over the 14 holes course. They defeated team 3 by 21 points.

Like a true captain, Philip Strong shot the top score, a superb 37 points.

The team had no less than eight scores in the 30s. That is very impressive.

Paul Doherty and Malcolm Hanna both had 36. Mel Hamill had 33. Brian Boyd and Gerry Blevins both had 31. Merton McDowell, Colin McKinney and William McCandless had 30 each. That is championship-winning form, for sure.

What can you say about Dougie Stevenson’s team 3 that would cheer them up?

They have lost every match so far and they look certs for the wooden spoon.

Neville Kerr 34, Peter Cruikshanks 33, Ian Boyce 31 and Dermot Dawson 30 cannot be faulted.

Sean McGreevey’s team 2 stay in the title race after an impressive 223 – 200 points win over team 6 in the fifth round of the winter league.

John Doran and Albert Morrison were the top scorers with 34 points each. Sean McGreevey had 33, Noel Cruikshanks 32, Robert Canning 31 and Kenny Arlow 30.

Team 2 play the league leaders in round 6. What a match that promises to be!

As for team 6, they had only 2 scores in the 30s, Alex Clarke 32 and Malcolm Russell 30. You are not going to win too often with that level of scoring.