Dunbarton back at the top of local bowls after another season of success

Dunbarton Bowling Team, winners of the the Private Greens Senior 1 League. Edward Byrne Photography INBL1436-244EB
Dunbarton Bowling Team, winners of the the Private Greens Senior 1 League. Edward Byrne Photography INBL1436-244EB

The past week has been one of the finest weeks in the history of Dunbarton Bowling Club.

In the space of four days, the Dunbarton A team managed to lift the Private Greens Senior Division One trophy for the sixth time and then win two Irish Titles three days later.

On Sunday, the Gilford bowlers then upheld their 100% home record, seeing off Ulster Transport 72-61 in their final match of the year.

The league title is theirs for the sixth time in nine seasons and, although Ballymena’s win turned Dunbarton’s last league game into a damp squib, DJ Wilson wasn’t complaining.

“Our first priority was to win the league,” said DJ.

“Ballymena won the league for the last three years and are hard to beat at home so I wasn’t overly surprised that they beat Belmont for us.

“It would have been nice have something to play for on Sunday but we’ll not complain. Ulster Transport actually beat both Belmont and Ballymena this year so I suppose we owed them for being such a help to us.

“The only thing was we wanted to keep our 100% home record, which we did for the first time since 2009.

“We lost six at home last year so it was good to improve on that.”

With the game shortened to 18 ends, the locals led from start to finish and despite dropping two points on the final end of two rinks, these were irrelevant as the hosts won by 11 shots.

Rink 1 R McElroy, C Mulholland, S Adamson, M Trainor up 23-11

Starting with a count of six on the first end, Marty and his rink never looked back. After just five ends they led 11-1 and this handsome lead was maintained to the close.

Rink 2 C Trainor, G Moore, G McElroy, C McCartan down 17-19

For two thirds of this game Conor’s four were in complete control and with five ends remaining led 17-8. Over the final five ends however, their rivals fought back to get the win.

Rink 3 M Higgins, J Magennis, A Hughes, M Greenfield up 20-18

The first half of this game was very close but ends 10-12 proved beneficial with scores of 3,1,4 enough to win.

Rink 4 D Copeland, M Merritt, P Convery, DJ Wilson down 12-13

Going into the last end the hosts seemed to have the advantage leading by two shots. However, they managed to concede a treble to lose by a shot.

A pleasing end then to a delightful season.

“Now we’ll take a much-needed break,” said Wilson. “I’ve been playing five days a week for four or five months so it’s time for a rest. I’m lucky I have a sport family who understand!”