Division One leaders stunned by bottom club

IN Division One of the Windsor Bakery Indoor Bowling League Ballydougan moved themselves off the bottom of the table when they took maximum points against league leaders AS Tullylish.

Ballydougan 47

AS Tullylish 28

Rink 1: L Milligan, M Milligan, Rach. Cassells, Rob. Cassells 10-8 A Burrell, R Bolton, A Cannaway, J Wilson.

Rink 2: H Massey, M Leckey, R Kennedy, D Malcolmson 14-6 M Andrews, H Hylands, S Black, J Gray.

Rink 3: E Wilson, S Whyte, N Whyte, J Richardson 12-5 L McCracken, G McCracken, D Graham, E Campbell.

Rink 4: C Halliday, K McCartney, R McCartney, S McCartney 11-9 M McAdam, T Gray, C Leckey, R Martin.

St Joseph’s took welcome points against St Colman’s.

St Joseph’s 39

St Colman’s 34

Rink 1: C Savage, F Watters, H Dillon, L Magennis 7-7 C Owens, B Wilson, E Byrne, T McCartan.

Rink 2: B McVeigh, P Rooney (Snr), R Magennis, F Murphy 12-4 Ann. Magee, J Owens, H Convery, A Magee.

Rink 3: A O’Loughlin, P Linden, B Murphy, S Murphy 12-5 L McAvoy, M Miller, N Quinn, P Moore.

Rink 4: J Magennis, J Morris, Rog. Magennis, C Dillon 8-18 F O’Dowd, D Funnell, B Moore, G Chambers.

Dromore NS lost out in the local derby to Holm Park

Dromore NS 34

Holm Park 39

Rink 1: J Coulter, R McCandless, J Hamilton, D Hamilton 10-9 C Ogle, L Aiken, K Aiken, C Sherwin.

Rink 2: E Ervine, F McCandless, T Mulligan, D Pedan 8-17 G McDowell, A Sudlow, T Smith, G Malcolmson.

Rink 3: R Harrison, N Lindsay, E Anderson, D McCandless 9-1 A McGarrity, M Dawson, M Gamble, G Dawson.

Rink 4: S Gilliland, M Ward, T Gribben, L Graham 7-12 I Houston, T Sudlow, T Wilson, J McKenny.

The big game in Division Two was between league leaders St Patrick’s and second placed Magherally and resulted in a good win for St Patrick’s.

St Patrick’s 40

Magherally 31

Rink 1: A Daly, R Faulkner, B Serplus, D Carson 9-5 I Montgomery, G Beggs, K McBride, S McBride.

Rink 2: I Dickson, W McCullough, D Gilliland, J Gilliand 13-7 N Craig, I McBride, H Martin, D McAuley.

Rink 3: P Hayes, J Topping, G Gilliand, A Johnston 14-6 M Adair, J Kirk, E Robb, K Smith.

Rink 4: R McCleary, K Purnell, I Cousins, T Martin 4-13 D Adair, S Scott, L Martin, J Martin.

Down Shoes found the going tough against the Leisure Bowlers.

Down Shoes 25

Leisure Bowlers 58

Rink 1: B Tumilty, K Tumilty, P Henderson, D Tumilty 12-13 L Heaney, A Mooney, J Scott, W Walker.

Rink 2: E Neil, D Rea, M Ward, M Bunting 2-19 T Ledlie R Shannon, N Ledlie, F Cairns.

Rink 3: S McFadden, B McCoy, Marg. Campbell, K McCoy 7-9 J Patterson, A McMullen, J Barr, H Barr.

Rink 4: G Anderosn, A Murphy, T McGivern, M Campbell 4-17 F Martin, N Cochrane, J Henderson, L McCreanor.

Ballyvarley had a close encounter with the Pavilion.

Ballyvarley 39

Pavilion 38

Rink 1: A Donald, S Lennon, M McGrath, T Lennon 4-11 T McDowell, C Wilson, D Thomson, K Stewart.

Rink 2: R McGivern, V Stewart, G McGrath, K O’Neill 11-10 E Whyte, I Wright, D Moles, J Hamilton.

Rink 3: C McDermott, J Stewart, G McGarey, S McGivern 15-9 J Donnelly, C Gray, K Kennedy, P Gray.

Rink 4: A Lennon, PJ Johnston, J McAvoy, S Byrne 9-8 G McAleenan, D Preston, F Dolan, J McCullough.

The Donaghy’s Zone Championships begin this Friday night in Banbridge Pavilion when the Ladies pairs competition kicks off at 6.45pm. Monday sees the start of the singles competition and then the action continues for the next two weeks with zone finals night pencilled in for March 11.

Some of the best bowlers in the country are playing and if you can manage to get along to the Banbridge or Dromore pavilions any night you should see some excellent matches.