Danny and Bill both in line for a grandstand finish

Golf update
Golf update
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After five rounds of fierce competition, there are only two players who have scored 30 points or better in every round of the winter league.

Danny O’Boyle (team 2) has had scores of 30, 35, 30, 34 and 31. (total 160). Bill McCandless (team 4) has scored 31, 31, 30, 32 and 34 (total 158).

Rumour has it that Danny had 37 points in round six but that is unconfirmed. One way or the other, it’s going to be an exciting final round for these two great players.

Sweep Results

Thursday November 20 - It’s nice to see Clifford Thompson returning to winning ways. This great player has had a relatively quiet season. He won the Thursday Open back in July and has been conspicuous by his absence ever since.

1st- Clifford Thompson (17) 35 points. 2nd- Philip Mallon (10) 35 points.

Saturday November 22 - Gerry McBrien has had a wonderful season in 2014. He shot a nett 59 to win the Thursday Open back in April and that gave him a tremendous boost of confidence. In this 14 holes sweep, Gerry dropped only 6 shots to par and that is really top class golf for a 21 handicapper. He won the competition by two clear points.

Winner: Gerry McBrien (21) 38 points.

Section 0-12:

1st- Shane Rooney (9) 36 points. 2nd- Sydney Pepper (12) 35 points.

Section 13-17:

1st- John Crothers (13) 35 points. 2nd- Dennis Watt (17) 35 points.

Section 18+:

1st- Colin Smylie (18) 36 points. 2nd- Merton McDowell (20) 35 points.

Senior: Robert Clydesdale (17) 34 points.

Best Gross: Rory Madeley (4) 31 gross points (3 under).