Curry’s in hot form as he claims final trophy of the season

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Last Wednesday evening in perfect conditions, 14 brave riders signed on for the one minute of torture otherwise known as the Beggs hill climb.Its no more than 375 metres long but is ridden at 100% effort from start to the finish at the top of the hill where riders have been known to have been physically sick. Few are sorry that this marks the season’s end.

This year the winner of the trophy for the first - if not the last time was promising junior rider James Curry with a super time of 52 seconds - the fastest time on the night by a club rider.

As usual three guests were welcomed to the event and all performed extremely well with Matty Teggart (Nicholas Roche Performance Team) producing possibly the fastest time ever with an astounding 46 seconds ascent.

1. M.Teggart (NRPT) 46s 2.L.Watson (Plush mtb) 50s 3. J.Curry 52s 4. J. Buller 53s 5. J. Penny 54s 6=. N. Sturroch /B.Cairns 57s 8.S. Cordner (Dromore CC) 58s 9.D. Purdy 1m.03s 10.K. McAlinden 1m.04s 11.M. Fitzpatrick 1m05s

12.N. McAllister 1m.09s 13.C. Burns 1m10s 14. I. Cochrane 1m11s”