Colin Wilton wins the Haughton Smyth Cup

Colin Wilton, winner of the Haughton Smyth Cup, is congratulated by 4-time winner, Eugene Weir.
Colin Wilton, winner of the Haughton Smyth Cup, is congratulated by 4-time winner, Eugene Weir.

The final of the Haughton Smyth Cup was played last Friday between Colin Wilton (1) and Conor Mulholland (6).

Both Colin and Conor have played well all season so it was impossible to pick a winner.

This is how it all panned out:

1st- What a start for Conor! He sinks a 40 footer to go 1 up.

2nd- Colin birdies and the match is level.

3rd- Another birdie for Colin. He goes 1 up.

4th- Conor squares the match with a nett birdie.

5th- Colin wins it with a par and he is 1 up again.

6th- Halved in birdies.

7th- Colin wins it with a par to go 2 up.

8th- Rare mistake by Colin. He goes out of bounds and loses the hole.

9th- A half in pars. Colin is 1 up at the turn.

10th- Conor wins it with a nett birdie. It is all square again.

11th- A par for Conor wins the hole and he goes 1 up.

12th- It’s Colin’s turn to win with a par. There is nothing between them.

13th- A par is good enough to put Colin 1 up.

14th- A nett birdie from Conor squares the match.

The last four holes were all halved. It was high tension stuff. But there had to be a winner. So they headed over to the first tee once again. It was sudden death.

You had to feel sorry for Conor. After all the great shots he had hit, he carved his tee shot into the trees left. It was a fatal error. Colin took the normal route and won the match with a par 4.

It was a brilliant match. Colin was delighted to win the Haughton Smyth Cup for the second time. Conor has proved his mettle as a match player and he will get his name on the cup one day.

Sweep results

Monday 8th September - This win in the Monday Sweep was Colin McKinney’s seventh success of the season. The 2’s pot was split between Paul Faulkner and John McCormac.

1st- Colin McKinney (17) 29 points. 2nd- Paul Faulkner (14) 28 points.

Thursday 11th September - Paul McCullough has been playing great golf all year so it was appropriate that he should win a major competition. This success might help to ease the pain of losing in the semi-final of the President’s Prize.

1st- Paul McCullough (13 now 12) 43 points. 2nd- William Malcolmson (5) 41 points. 3rd- Brendan McConville (14) 40 points. Best Gross: Josh Lockhart 70.