Club’s final four games are a toss up for Millpark skipper McCart

Cricket news.
Cricket news.

In order to secure that much sought after top spot in Section Three, Millpark skipper Paul McCart knows he needs some luck.

He certainly has grounds for believing it’s well overdue, given his terrible record with the toss so far this season.

It should be a 50:50 chance but anyone going head to head with McCart at the start of a game must fancy their chances.

That’s because the Millpark captain has won only two of 12 tosses he has faced this season.

With four vital league games to come, a continuation of that run could come back to bite Millpark.

“I’ve had such bad luck with the toss,” confessed the captain.

“I’ve only won two out of 12. It would have been a good one to win last Saturday too. We had prepared the wicket early in the week and put the covers on so it was drying out and was always liable to break up.

“The toss was important against Cooke as well. I lost it too but thankfully their captain made the wrong choice.”

The Newforge captain was more shrewd with his decision, leading to their 68 run win over title-casing Millpark.

McCart said: “The week before, we had destroyed Cooke. We really did give them a good beating. It was such a good victory to pick up so to follow that with such an inept performance was really disappointing.”