Cloney reach Jubilee Cup final

DONAGHCLONEY and Millpark competed at the inaugural Jubilee Cup, hosted by Victoria CC, on Saturday in Lurgan Park.

But what promised to be a highly enjoyable and entertaining day of cricket turned into somewhat of a damp squib as the weather contrived to ruin the days play.

The tournament, designed as a curtain raiser to the local season, had pitted Donaghcloney against Millpark in the first of two semi-finals, with hosts Victoria due to play in a local derby against near neighbours Lurgan.

Unfortunately both semi-finals had to be settled by a bowl-out. Donaghcloney and Millpark were first to bowl at the stumps, and were still level after the first five balls, taking it to sudden death. Matthew Lyttle hit with Donaghcloney’s eight attempt, but Davy Glover didn’t buckle under the pressure, and kept Millpark in it. Stevie Hanna hit the stumps 10 balls later, but this time Millpark couldn’t repeat the trick, and Donaghcloney won the bowl-off 2-1 after 10 balls.

Victoria and Lurgan were next to go. Darren Vennard hit the stumps with Victoria’s third ball, and looked to have won it for the hosts, but Paul Stafford was to level the scores with the last ball of the bowl-out, again taking it to sudden death.

When it came to the eighth ball of the bowl-out Darren Vennard again hit the stumps, and Victoria won the bowl-out 2-1 after eight balls each.

The first final of the Jubilee Cup will now take place in Lurgan Park at a later date and will be contested between Victoria and Donaghcloney.