Catch up with all the sweep results

THURSDAY JUNE 7 - William Malcolmson’s season just gets better and better. He has won the Thursday Open Stableford for the second week in succession.

1st, William Malcolmson (6) 39 points; 2nd, Chris McAvoy (8) 38; 3rd, J. Lawther (25) visitor 38.

SUNDAY JUNE 10 - There were 34 different winners of the Sunday Sweep last year. That was amazing but it’s a record, which could be beaten this year. Dermot Magee won this one and he is the 21st different winner so far in 2012. And we haven’t yet reached the end of June.

1st, Dermot Magee (18) Nett 29; 2nd, John McCormac (15) Nett 31.5; 3rd, Dominic McArdle (23) Nett 31.5.

MONDAY JUNE 11 - John McCormac hit a purple patch in recent days. In the space of a week, John was runner-up in the Sunday sweep, won the Monday sweep and then, to crown it all, finished runner-up on Captain’s day. How about that!

1st, John McCormac (15) 37 points; 2nd, Neil Clydesdale (5) 36; 3rd, Philip Strong (21) 36.

THURSDAY JUNE 14 - Thomas Magennis is a young player with a very bright future in the game of golf. He won this Thursday Open in some style, outscoring all the senior players in the field.

1st, Thomas Magennis (15) 42; 2nd, Alan Caughey (13) 41; 3rd, Jack Bickerstaff (21) 41; Best gross, Rory Leonard (+1) 68.

SUNDAY JUNE 17 - Philip Strong won this Sunday sweep but the man with the biggest smile on his face was Kieran Mcgreevey. He picked up the biggest 2’s rollover of the season and he was laughing all the way to the bank.

1st, Philip Strong (21) nett 30.5; 2nd, Merton McDowell (22) Nett 31; 3rd, Albert Porter (26) nett 33.

MONDAY JUNE 18 - Brendan McConville is a keen supporter of the weekly sweeps so it was nice to see him picking up a winner’s prize.

1st, Brendan McConville (13) 30 points; 2nd, John Doran (13) 29.

THURSDAY JUNE 21 - Albert Porter has suddenly found the key to a good score and it won’t be long before that handicap of 26 is greatly reduced.

1st, Albert Porter (26) 43; 2nd, Michael Young (12) 41; 3rd, Callum Barnes (13) 40.

SUNDAY JUNE 24 - The sweep on Sunday is the most hotly contested sweep of the week. We’re now halfway through the year and Colin Smylie is the 23rd different winner. Can last year’s record of 34 different winners be beaten? It’s looking very likely.

1st, Colin Smylie (14) Nett 33; 2nd, Declan Barry (8) Nett 33; 3rd, Rory Madeley (4) nett 33.

THURSDAY JUNE 28 - The bad weather seriously limited the number of players but don’t let that detract from the performance of young Dane Ward. His 45 points is the equivalent of a nett 60. That is an awesome score.

1st, Dane Ward (13) 46 points; 2nd, Paul Downey (14) 44.