Bishopscourt the place to be as club hosts open races

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Bishopscourt will be the place to be on June 8 as Dromara Cycling Club will hold their annual open road races at the venue.

It’s the same day as Bishopscourt host their open family fun day, so there is something for everyone on the day.

There will be races for A1/2s, A3s, A4s, Masters and Women. Each race will be held over a set time plus so many laps or over a set number of laps, giving all competitors the chance to enjoy this famous circuit with its tight corners and fast open straights.

The Bishopscourt open day takes place in the middle of the circuit, and will include many attractions so it’s the perfect day for the family.

Pre-registration is to open shortly, so keep an eye for it opening on our website at

CLUB LEAGUE ROUND 8 - Last Thursday night saw round eight of the club league, a 10 mile TT, take place on the Spa Lake course.

The weather on the night was cold with strong tailwind assisting the riders out to the turn, but after the turn the wind became an enemy of the riders as they struggled to get up to speed as the wind was so strong. Many riders were thinking that they were going to set a new personal best time heading out to the turn, but their hopes were soon put to rest once they were heading for home!

After the struggle to the finish the times were finalised, and it was Gavin Magowan who came out the fastest rider on the night in a time of 24:07, with Tony Quinn second with a time of 25:11. Trevor Wright was third in 26:36, followed by Conor Rice, Jonathan McBride and John Shanks who rounded off the top 6 competitors.

Next round of the club league is this Thursday night, and this is a road race held on the Flatfields circuit at Hillsborough. Sign on is from 6:30pm at the Hillsborough Elim Church.

*WEST DOWN GP - Well done to the Dromara riders who took part in the West Down GP at Katesbridge last Saturday, hosted by West Down Wheelers.

In total 14 riders from the club took part in the various races held on the day, but there were no podium places for the riders this time round.

*ULSTER XC ROUND 4/XC NPS ROUND 4 - XMTB-McConvey Cycles held their MTB races in the setting of Lady Dixon Park on Sunday.

Notable performances came from Barry Van Kellett (1st S2), John Shanks (11th S3), Brian Wilson (17th S3), Adrian Booth (22nd S3), Lisa Millar (1st S3 Lady) and Ben Wilson (3rd under 12).

*OVER THE QUOILE - Many thanks to La Lanterne Rouge CC who hosted their annual Over the Quoile leisure run on Sunday.

There were many Dromara riders present to take part with the two routes on offer, a 45 mile run and a 75 mile run.

The routes were excellent with brilliant marshalling and food stops, and the club’s members will be back next year for more!