Bann joy with fine Donaghadee win

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Last Wednesday, Banbridge 1s travelled to Bangor to face Donaghadee.

After two close defeats to their opponents last season, Bann were determined as ever to seal a win this time round and that’s just what they did.

Bann were slow to start the first quarter and made some unforced errors which an eager Donaghadee side readily capitalised on.

However, Bann’s Lynn Wilson WA and Emma Boyd C produced some brilliant feeds into shooters Sarah Aiken GA and Emma Cartmill GS which they effortlessly converted to goals ensuring Bann got points on the board.

Donaghadee led Bann in the first half 18-8. After a rough start to the game Bann showed their strength and skills in the second quarter with both the defensive and attacking players working together to prevent a focused and resilient Donaghadee side increasing their lead.

The girls managed to break a couple of Donaghadee’s centre passes to reduce their lead to an 8 goal difference. Bann finished the first half trailing Donaghadee 29-21.

With some words of encouragement from their coach Bann went in to the second half of the game with an objective to reduce Donaghadee’s lead even more.

Bann’s persistent defensive pairing of Amanda Johnston GD and Christine Cartmill GK achieved some superb interceptions from the Donaghadee attack which Bann took full advantage off.

Cathy Buchanan WD and Emma Boyd C tightly defended the Donaghadee attackers picking up numerous interceptions which the team skilfully worked down the court to their shooting circle. Bann had reduced Donaghadee’s lead to three goals ending the third quarter Donaghadee 38 Bann 35.

Bann made a quick change swapping Cathy Buchanan with Debbie Black going into the final quarter. The girls began the quarter enthusiastically after a very impressive third quarter dominating the game and forcing errors by Donaghadee which the Bann took full advantage of and to which their shooters zealously converted to goals.

With an incredible team effort in the final quarter Bann took the lead and continued their fight to the final 
whistle. Bann won the match 54-50.