Banbridge lose to Omagh in the Rossmore

JIM Matthews captained Banbridge to victory in the Rossmore Cup last season. That was one of the highlights of the year.

Jim was hopeful that his team could repeat that success this season but it proved impossible. Banbridge lost to Omagh in round one.

They won two and a half points in the home leg but that was not good enough.

Omagh needed three points in the second leg and they got them quite easily.

Timothy Beattie and Bobby Geddis lost 6 and 4.

Jim Matthews and Adam McGregor lost 3 and 2.

Joe Glass and Jonathan Kerr lost 2 and 1.

Philip McCourt and Laurence Bramall were 1 down after 16 holes when they were called in.

It’s not easy to win any of these cups once never mind twice in succession. Jim and his team gave it their best shot and, on this occasion, it was not enough. Life goes on!