Banbridge and Armagh remain best of friends after contest

Saturday September 7 saw the second leg of the annual Friendship Cup between Banbridge Angling Club and Armagh Angling Club at Corbet Lough.

Banbridge Angling Club warmly welcomed the Armagh team to their waters, and quite happily advised Armagh anglers, which parts of the Corbet Lough fished well, and flies that might be useful to try.

Adrian McAnerney from the Banbridge team was first to hook into a fine Brown trout, Andrew Rowan shortly followed by landing a nice rainbow. Armagh were soon were into fish with Niall Hardy and Ivan Roleston both catching a nice brace of Rainbows. Wilson Clinghan caught a bag of three fantastic Brown Trout.

Shortly after this Banbridge angler, Martin Dynes caught a lovely Brown, and finished his bag of fish with two nice Rainbows. Geoff Hylands landed three cracking full-tailed Rainbows, allowing the Banbridge team to pull away again.

Armagh were soon into fish again, keeping the pressure on their Banbridge competitors, Aidan Donnelly catching a beautiful brace of Rainbows, followed by Brendan McArdle landing a lovely Rainbow.

Adrian McAnerney and Andrew Rowan from the Banbridge Team both caught lovely Rainbows and Adrian soon after caught a beautiful Brown finishing off his bag of three fish.

Noel Burns of Banbridge also landed two beautiful full-tailed Rainbows and a beautiful Brown.

Malachy McAleenan from Banbridge landed two great full-tailed Rainbows, and Sam Watt caught an absolutely Beautiful Brown Trout for the Banbridge team.

Rodger McClements fished hard all day and was rewarded with three cracking Rainbows, which earned him Top Rod of the day, the weight of his catch, was 2.474 kilos.

In fairness these run of fish sealed the leg and the 2013 Friendship Cup for the Banbridge Team. At the weigh in Aidan Donnelly after verification with Joe Curran declaring the result.

A barbeque followed with cooking by William Cochrane and James McCreedy. A great day with great friends was had.