Ashton takes top spot on Sunday and joy for Johns during the week

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Ashton Clydesdale became the seventh player this year to win the Sunday Sweep more than once.

John Poots still leads the way with six wins. John got a nice little reward in this sweep when he split the twos pot with Danny O’Boyle.

1st- Ashton Clydesdale (25) Nett 30.5.

2nd - Eugene Weir (5) Nett 31.5.

3rd- Danny O’Boyle (13) Nett 32.


John Poots has had a remarkable golfing year so far. This win in the Monday 14 holes sweep is John’s tenth victory in 2014. John plays golf practically every day and his enthusiasm is boundless.

1st- John Poots (17) 32 points.

2nd- John Molloy (22) 31 points.


This is the 23rd and last of this season’s Thursday Opens. They have proved very popular, especially with those players who cannot mark a card on Saturdays.

And, would you believe it, there has been 23 different winners. The best score returned was a brilliant 46 points from Gerry McBrien, in the very first one, away back in April. Gerry came very close to winning the last one as well but John Convery just pipped him by one point.

1st- John Convery (17) 40 points.

2nd- Gerry McBrien (21) 39 points.

3rd- Neil Clydesdale (5) 38 points.

Best Gross: Ken Stevenson (2) 71.