Another prize for Harry as he strikes while the iron’s hot

Golf is a wonderful game. Sometimes you play so poorly, you consider giving it up. At other times, you simply cannot put a foot wrong.

Harry Burnside is enjoying the latter phase at the moment and winning prizes galore. Enjoy the experience, Harry! It won’t last forever.

And we have unearthed another very promising player by the name of Johnny McKinstrey. By all reports, he is destined to win big this season. He certainly won’t be playing off 25 for long once the qualifying season gets under way.


There has been nine Sunday Sweeps so far this year and the only golfers to have won it twice are Colin Smylie and John Poots. It could be an interesting battle between these two great players to see who will eventually be crowned the Sunday Champion.

1st John Poots (18) Nett 33.

2nd Johnny McKinstrey (25) Nett 33.5.

3rd Robert Clydesdale (16) Nett 34.


Harry Burnside is enjoying what must be one of his best starts to a golfing season ever. So far, Harry has won the Thursday Sweep twice and been runner-up once. He also had a second place finish in a Saturday 13 holes sweep.

And, on St. Patrick’s Day, Harry picked up the top prize over the 16 hole course. He went round in six over par, which is terrific form for a 21 handicapper.

It’s nice to see Paul McCullough in the prizes. He won the low section with 39 points.

Winner Harry Burnside (21) 41 pts

Section 0-12

1st Paul McCullough (12) 39 pts

2nd Philip Mallon (10) 37 pts

Section 13-17

1st Declan Dooher (16) 38 pts

2nd Fergie Cosgrove (14) 35 pts

Section 18+

1st Gordon Enderson (25) 35 pts

2nd Glen Buchanan (19) 34 pts


Every season, a new name hits the headlines. Remember Gareth Moody in 2011. He started the year playing off 18, and in February he shot an all-time record of 43 points for 14 holes. He never looked back. By the end of 2012, Garreth was playing off seven and he was the golfer of the year.

Could anyone emulate that achievement? Could someone like Johnny McKinstrey do it? At this moment in time, the omens look good. We will all watch Johnny’s progress with interest.

And did you notice Harry Burnside’s name on the prize list once again? His purple patch isn’t over just yet.

Winner Johnny McKinstrey (25) 40 pts

Section 0-12

1st John Gallagher (11) 37 pts

2nd Paul Wylie (11) 36 pts

Section 13-17

1st Peter Cruikshanks (15) 39 pts

2nd Tommy Gillespie (17) 37 pts

Section 18+

1st Harry Burnside (21) 37 pts

2nd Frank Mooney (22) 35 pts


The first inter-club team has been selected, the Ulster Fourball team to play Down Royal.

The captain, Merton McDowell, has picked the following players: Eamon Galloway, Sean McGreevey, Gerry Blevins, John Convery, Will Dickson, Robert Haire, Aidan Lavery, Demot Magee. Gavin Greer and Victor McNeill.

The first leg will be played onSaturday 5 April.