Andy is the star as he earns Skelly Cup win

Andy Beattie; winner on handicap of Skelly Cup (15 mile time trial).
Andy Beattie; winner on handicap of Skelly Cup (15 mile time trial).

Andy Beattie was the winner of the Skelly Cup at Banbridge Cycling Club last week.

This circuit time trial (15 miles) on the Rathfriland Rd – Katesbridge course is one of the oldest competitions on the club calendar and is keenly contested both on actual and handicap times.

The cup is awarded to the best handicap time but the kudos for the fastest time is much coveted by the quicker riders.

Last Wednesday evening 23 riders signed on in good conditions but it was one of the more recent members Andy Beattie who produced the best handicap time to lift the cup.

Andy’s first club race was late last season but he has bravely taken the plunge this season in Open Cat 4 racing – which, on his own admission has been a steep learning curve.

It is paying dividends however, and the evidence was produced on Wednesday when a strong ride (40.55) gave him a narrow victory on adjusted time.

The accolades for fastest rider on the night went to a flying Kevin Wilson whose time (37.18) was almost a minute faster than closest rival Kevin McAlinden (38.15). Dan Purdy (39.57) completed the fastest trio.


Kevin Wilson 37.18

Kevin McAlinden 38.15

Dan Purdy 39.57

Phil Beattie 40.05

Adrian Finnegan 40.28

Ewan Anderson 40.33

Andy Beattie 40.55

Chris Burns 41.00

Joe Penny 41.22

Ian Cochrane 41.29

Nathan Sturrock 42.03

David Lavery 42.18

Paul McGuckin 43.04

Neil McAllister 43.35

Brian Curran 43.38

Freida Brown 44.01

Chris McCann 44.55

Marty Fitzpatrick 45.39

Graham Smryl 47.36

Gerard Byrne 47.58

Charlie Glover 48.42

Simon Keery (V) 40.13

Jonathan Lyness (V) 48.16.