All the sweep news and Winter League updates

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 4 - The golf course was very wet so the competition was reduced to nine holes.

Both Neville Kerr and Sydney Pepper went round in one over par gross and they won the low and middle section respectively. Sydney added to his prize haul with two brilliant 2’s.

Robert Clydesdale shot the best score of the day, an awesome 25 points and duly won the high section.

SECTION 0-11: 1st, Neville Kerr (11) 23 points; 2nd, Philip Mallon (10) 22; 3rd, Eugene Weir (5) 22.

SECTION 12- 17: 1st, Sydney Pepper (12) 23; 2nd, Trevor Mulholland (12) 23; 3rd, John Doran (13) 23

SECTION 18+: 1st, Robert Clydesdale (19) 25; 2nd, Merton McDowell (22) 23; 3rd, Albert Morrison (19) 23.

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 5 - The Sunday nine holes is the most hotly contested sweep of the week. That’s why very few players win it twice.

Last season, it was played 46 times and there were 34 different winners.

It has been played six times this year so far and there have been six different winners.

Stephen Orr is the latest player to join the elite winners list.

1st, Stephen Orr (14) Nett 29; 2nd, Josh Lockhart (6) Nett 30; 3rd, Billy Clarke (17) Nett 30.5.

ROBERT, JOHN AND BILLY SHOOT TEAM 18 INTO THE TOP PLACE IN THE FOURBALL WINTER LEAGUE - Two rounds of the Fourball Winter League have been played and things are beginning to hot up.

The league will run for six weeks and, on the seventh week, the top four teams will play off to determine the winners. So the main aim of each of the 18 teams is to finish in the top four.

After two rounds, team 18 are in the lead with a grand total of 134 points. They scored 69 points in the second round thanks to Robert Clydesdale’s 25 points, John Doran’s 23 points and Billy Clarke’s 21 points.

Team 9 are in second place with 129 points, only five adrift. The McGreevey clan were the top scorers for this team. Kieran had 25, Sean had 22 and Colm had 20. That gave them an excellent score of 67 points for round 2.

Team 17, who led after the first round, find themselves in third place after scoring 59 points in round two. Their running total is 127 points. Jonathan Kerr was once again their top scorer with 21 points. Aidan Nicolletti and Larry Condon both finished with 19 points.

Team 8 are in fourth place. They scored 64 in round 2 and their total is 124 points. Young Mark McCullough was the star performer for team 8 with 23 points. His father, Paul, had 22 points and Cameron Morton had 19.

Four teams are in joint fifth place, all with a two round total of 123 points.

They all have a top four finishing spot in their sights.

These teams are as follows:

Team 7 (Colin McKinney, Philip Mallon, Dennis Watt and John Bell).

Team 11 (P.J. Johnston, Eugene Weir, Declan Barry and Seamus Rooney).

Team 16 (Peter Hillen, John Poots, Bobby Geddis and Felix Duffy).

Team 19 (Mel Hylands, Neville Kerr, John Crothers and Colin Kennedy).

You may be asking yourself how can there be a team 19 when there are only 18 teams in the league? The answer is simple. There is no team 4.

The third round will be played over a 13 holes course and that could separate the wheat from the chaff.